Unexpected Intercession

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I used to believe that things happened for a reason, that is up until September 11, 2001.  After that fateful day I never uttered those words again.  But sometimes things happen that you never think would leading you to ask yourself if the occurrence wasn’t meant to be.  Such is the case with me.  I was originally off last night but at the last minute was asked to work a shift.  Usually I leave around fifteen minutes before I start to give me enough time in case there’s a lot of traffic but last night I decided to leave a half hour earlier figuring I’d just kill time by sitting outside for a while.  At first everything was normal as I turned into the parking lot and veered around the corner but then I immediately noticed a duck with her two babies following right behind her. It terrified me because of all the traffic that was coming in and out due to the busy time of night.  It was still light out so I parked my car and hurried over to where the duck and her babies were and discovered that there were not two but rather three duckies in tow.  She was so scared and each time she waddled out with her babies directly behind her a car came and she didn’t know what to do.  So I went towards her to get her out of the street while I began praying aloud to St. Francis of Assisi who I’ve called upon before as He’s the patron Saint for animals.  I pleaded for Him to get the mother away from the traffic and lead her along with her three babies to safety.  At that exact moment I felt so helpless knowing at any second a car could zoom around the corner as they do many times and kill these most beautiful of creatures.  So with my heart racing I got into the street to stop any more cars from moving and thankfully one man realized what I was doing and not only stopped he put his four-way flashers on and gave me a thumbs up that it was OK.  Thank God cars from both sides stopped as the mother duck and her sweet babies got out or were rather led out of harm’s way and moved out of the street and toward the left side of the enormously empty parking lot.


Once they were away from all cars traffic resumed while I continued to thank both St. Francis and the Lord.  I waited almost ten minutes while they all made their way through the parking lot and up to the grass all the while continuing to pray. Thankfully they made it safely and I was so relieved I then went into work but was still in a state of astonishment after what had just happened.  I know I was meant to be there at that particular time because I never go to work early to just sit and wait to clock in.  Why would I when I could just stay home until it’s time to leave?  Was it fate or possibly divine intervention?  That may be pushing it a bit but I know there was a reason for me leaving early but know it was St. Francis who heard my pleas and safely guided the mama duck and her ducklings to safety.  


I never saw such a sweeter sight in my life than those three baby duckies following so lovingly behind their mama and I admit I wanted to pick them all up and take them home with me.  I’m not so sure their mother would have allowed it though. 


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