‘Tis the Season for Deception

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This little tidbit of advice may help people as it’s a lesson I won’t soon forget. Whenever you see the word free with no obligation to purchase anything else run away as fast as you can.  Several years ago I purchased four new tires from an auto center I wasn’t too particularly keen on but since they were offering a good package I figured it would be OK.  As of recently I’ve begun to notice two tires with slow leaks in them resulting in me having to constantly put air in them.  Unfortunately they’re now out of warranty and I vowed to not return (never say never) to that particular place of business again because of the uncouth service I received from one of the mechanics but what do you know they were (and still are) offering “free” flat repair service for tires to see whether or not they’re safe or need to be fixed.  I was adamant about not taking my vehicle to them ever again but my father insisted on it saying they could make sure everything was alright since I’d made a big purchase from them more than three years earlier.


I was initially told that there would be no cost to check the tires but since they needed to be rotated it would be a $20.00 charge which I was fine with.  After waiting there for almost two hours the manager came out and apologized for the length of time then said there would be no charge for the rotation due to the fact that we had to wait so long.  I told him I had no problem paying for their service but he said it was OK.  Ding!  Ding!  As my alarm bells began going off.  While I was greatly appreciative I instantly began to wonder whether or not there was an alternative motive seeing that these guys spent almost two hours working on my car and there was zero charge.  Also, since one of the mechanics acted as if I was bothering him because I had several questions the last time I brought my car there I was even more skeptical that something wasn’t quite right.


Several hours later I went to work and everything seemed fine but that night when I pulled into the garage and got out of the car I began to hear what sounded like a high-pitched squeaking almost singing sound emitting from the right back tire.  I immediately knew they’d done something since I’d never before heard this sound except several hours after taking it to a maintenance garage.  Several minutes after hearing what sounded like a shrill being played by the tire it abruptly stopped.  I knew some air had been released from the tire yet it seemed fine and the following day I used it to run some errands.  


That evening I drove to work without bothering to look at the tire thinking it was alright and I felt something very strange that I’d never before felt along with a sound unlike anything else.  I had a feeling that same tire was now flat but since it was late out I was afraid to get out and check it especially with all of the horror movies and shows I watch about what happens when people get are stopped on the side of the road then end up disappearing so I drove to work which was only three minutes away and when I got out to check the tire sure enough it was as flat as a bitching pancake.  Thankfully AAA came and removed it then put a donut on it.  He then saw my flattened  and completely unrepairable tire and discovered the reason as to why it deflated in the first place.  A screw was inside the tire and not just any screw a brand-new looking one that couldn’t simply be picked up while driving.  The AAA driver said the screw looked clean and when I explained the entire situation to him he agreed that the guys working on my car at the garage did something to the tire.  They deliberately inserted a screw into the tire which initially caused some air to leak out but not entirely as by the following night it was altogether flat.  I couldn’t and still can’t believe they did that but now it all makes sense.  Why the entire service took almost two hours and why I wasn’t charged anything because they figured when the tire became flat I’d be back to purchase a new one.  


The next day my father went there and showed the manager, the same wonderful guy who didn’t bother to charge me anything the screw and explained that he knew what they did but of course the guy completely denied it.  And how do you prove it?  I can’t but this was not coincidental.  The fact that I’d never before had any problems whatsoever with my tires other than the usual slow leak in the two front then the night I take it to an auto repair center to have them all checked and rotated for free the right back (which had previously been the one on the front with the slow leak)begins to leak air while releasing a falsetto only to have it be completely deflated the following night.  This was deliberate and malicious.  Of course they offered a free tire check so they could damage it figuring I’d be back the next day or so and need a new tire as if it’s a chance occurrence.  The only chance was that they thought once the tire was damaged I’d bring it in for them to replace.  No more!!!!!!!


Why would a reputable auto service offer to check people’s tires for free and not make a cent?  It makes no sense.  The reason is because by sabotaging one of the tires then telling the customer it needs to be repaired or replaced or, in my case saying nothing making it appear as if they’re honest, hard-working guys checking people’s tires for free when the tire gets completely ruined they know that person will be back this time to purchase a new one.  Only in this case I knew exactly what they had done and brought my car to a reliable auto repair shop.  I know this type of shady thing is very prevalent especially when it comes to vehicles I just had no idea it would happen to me.  This entire incident reminds me of a story my uncle told me regarding how devious people are.  He said that guys who worked for roofing companies or who had their own would go to people’s homes and offer to check their roofs for free then once they were up there would cause damage to it and show it to the homeowner telling them they needed a new roof.  Thousands of dollars spent for something done intentionally.  This is the exact same thing.  


I’m going to write a scathing review on Goodyear as there’s nothing good about them and even contact the Better Business Bureau though nothing can or will be done because it’s my word against theirs and of course they’ll deny it.  Who would ever think that guys who worked at a well-known auto repair shop would insert a screw into a tire in order to make a sale on a brand-new one?  It’s almost incomprehensible yet it happened.  If nothing else this is a lesson in going with my gut instinct which is what I should have done initially and knowing that the phrase “Nothing in Life is Free” can’t be more accurate.  Whenever you see the word free nine times out of ten there’s a catch.  I only wish I could throw it back along with that mangled tire.  



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