Tales from the Pool

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With August being the last month of summer what better a time to write of the many pleasures which occur in none other than swimming pools?  I grew up with a huge pool in our backyard and basically lived inside it which may explain why I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid.  Often times I’ll notice something or someone for that matter which will immediately spark a memory such as how many girls are when it comes to their hair.  Many females, especially between the ages of thirteen all the way up to even their thirties (and often times older) are so finicky when it comes to not messing up their hair.  They won’t go swimming because they don’t want to get their flawless hair wet.  Poppycock!  Even if my hair were in an elaborate French twist and my make-up was impeccable if it was a hot day and I had no pressing plans I’d jump in that pool without hesitation.  Who cares if your do gets wet just wash it and style it again.  I remember one day more than thirty years ago when my best friend and I went swimming over her house and a little later on our other friend who was several years older than us came over but refused to get in because she didn’t want to get her hair wet.  I tried convincing her saying how much fun we were having and how she could just redo it later but she was adamant.  Not me.  The only and I do mean ONLY way I’d ever refuse to get into the pool because of my hair would be if I’d just gotten it thermal relaxed which requires one to not wet their hair for a period of at least 72 hours.  Other than that nothing will prevent me from having fun by going swimming.


Now let’s examine something rarely discussed yet commonly done.  Peeing in the pool.  I don’t care what people say by claiming they don’t or have never urinated in the pool maybe not everyone but the majority of people have at one time or another done it whether it’s been inside a swimming pool, jacuzzi, beach or any other body of water.  They’ve done it only they’re too embarrassed to admit to it.  Hell, I totally acknowledge that I’ve peed in the pool countless times.  Let’s be honest.  When you’re swimming, especially when the water’s really warm and relaxing then you suddenly feel the need to empty your bladder do you really want to get out of the pool, dry off then go inside to use the bathroom or even get out of the pool and use a bush as opposed to staying in the most comfortable of water, tinkling and being done with it?  And if anyone’s around all you have to do once you pee is simply wave your arms around in the water and it immediately dissipates due to the amount of chlorine inside.  While I miss having a swimming pool and haven’t had one in more than twenty-one years I will once again confess to the fact that if I had one and were reveling in it then felt the need to piddle I most likely would just do it then and there and resume swimming or floating.  It’s just so much easier than having to get out and go inside or off to the side.  And I know I’m not the only one who does this.  Think about the germiest of water.  Public pools.  All walks of life occupying one large enclosed water-filled surface doing God knows what inside there.  Are they gonna get out of the water to use the restroom?  Hell no they’re gonna go inside the frickin’ pool.  I just hope for the sake of others in there with them that all they do in that pool is pee.  Remember Caddyshack?  Only in this case it won’t be a Baby Ruth.   


Something else I’ve always loved about swimming are rafts.  There’s nothing like floating lazily in tranquil water with your eyes closed and not a care in the world.  Depending on the person that is.  While we went through tons and tons of rafts over the years I enjoyed the buoyancy of every one of them.  Whenever I see floats or rafts in stores I’m always reminded of the fun I always had while using them.  I also wonder strange things such as what it would be like to get on a large raft at the beach and be taken out into the ocean.  If one kept on drifting endlessly how far could they go?  Hopefully I’ll soon own my home on the beach and find out.


Here’s one practically every kid and even adult has played while in the pool.  Marco Polo.  What better way to play tag with one’s eyes closed while trying to find people by shouting “Marco” as the other players shout “Polo” and once that player is tagged it’s their turn.  We had so much fun playing that while dodging the person as their arms were flailing around trying to catch one of us.  Only I hated being it.  


Chicken fights are another popular yet possibly dangerous pool activity.  Also referred to as shoulder wars this game usually consisting of four people has both players sit on the shoulders of his or her teammate with the object being to knock down or wrestle the other opponent who’s on top into the water.  The first person who hits the water loses. While I’ve never partaken in this recreation it looks like a lot of fun but at the same time difficult and likely to cause an injury.  Regardless of the warnings people still enjoy playing this and as long as it doesn’t cause anyone paralysis I guess it’s OK. 


What better to end this most candid of entries than to mention skinny-dipping?  It’s especially great if people want to go swimming yet forgot or neglected to bring their bathing suits/shorts.  If it’s not offensive to others around them then I say the more the merrier.       



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