Spirited Saturday

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Yesterday I had the afternoon off and just the sight of grass even if it’s horrendously muddy outside excites me.  Ever since December the snow’s been dreadful.  Mounds of white crapola, frigid weather and no desire to go out.  So being able to look out and see the neighborhood instead of piles of snow in front of each person’s house is a wonderful thing.  I was all ready to exercise when the doorbell rang.  Imagine my surprise to see two girls selling what else but Girl Scout Cookies.  Being a former Girl Scout I had to fulfill my obligation since I always hoped people would buy from me.  With that I purchased four boxes but what many people don’t realize is that when the Girl Scouts go door-to-door it’s a sign that spring’s not too far away.  While I don’t mind winter it’s the snow I absolutely loathe and after almost two months of seeing it, having to drive in it and just wanting it gone being able to look outside at having it be bright gives a person a more positive outlook on life or at least for the day.  Add Girl Scout Cookies to the mix and it can’t get any better.  Well, it could but yesterday gave me hope.  I also had a better work out than I would have had the bell not rung.



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