Ridiculous Requirements

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It’s already that time of year when school supply lists are sent in the mail while others are entering a new phase in their lives consisting of going off to college (or not) but I’m noticing how entirely different educational necessities are now as opposed to when I was a student.  I almost feel like a grandparent or other elderly person while describing an “In my day” story to someone younger but when I was in school all that was required was a pen, paper, several folders and notebook paper.  But now there’s specifically colored folders for each subject.  Mandatory spiraled notebooks, index cards, graphic calculators just to name a few and we’re talking elementary all the way up to high school NOT college.  I can’t believe all these necessary essentials just to attend school.  Several days ago I was in line at the grocery store and behind me a mother along with her son began placing item after countless school item onto the conveyor belt from pencils to binder dividers, wide-ruled paper and so much more I immediately began feeling like I was gonna have a panic attack and I wasn’t even the one buying any of it.  It was the thought of all these entailed articles for someone attending school.  


Then there’s the outrageous list of items such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes parents must buy.  Is it for their child or the entire classroom?  Correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t know it was in the school handbook that parents had to supply their child’s class with endless boxes of tissues, writing material, glue sticks and many more items to fill their cabinets as I always thought our tax dollars paid for that.  But they’re actually buying items that other parent’s won’t so basically they’re supplying every other student implements while certain freeloading parents are not.  That’s beyond f*cked up.  Parent’s can’t or in some cases won’t buy various required items for their child’s classroom while others do yet they have no problem making sure their cell phone bill gets paid or that they’re wearing the latest brand-name attire.  I can’t believe how much money is spent in order to purchase classroom prerequisites.  I can understand folders and scissors but Formula 409 and other household cleaning products?  Give me a break.  And it doesn’t end there seeing that teachers are often forced to spend money out of their pockets to purchase supplies that some students’ families can’t afford.  My God how is this possible?  Instructors having to go out and buy provisions such as pencils and crayons because their students come to school empty-handed.   


Thank the Lord I don’t have any kids especially ones in school otherwise I’d have an anxiety attack just by looking at that lengthy list of demands knowing that I’d be having to supply items not for my child but rather every other one’s.  I wonder if liquor stores along with the alcoholic beverage section of grocery stores notice an increase in sales at the beginning of each school year?  Maybe there’s a reason intoxicants are also referred to as spirits since many are raised, especially during this most stressful time of year.  Hmmm.    



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