Quite Puzzling

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Yesterday was a most fabulous day.  It all began after I got out of work and met a friend at Dairy Queen, a place I haven’t been to in more than thirty years.  After we sat outside enjoying the warm sun and most interesting of conversations we went back to my house to bust open the long-awaited 1980’s puzzle.  I placed a cover over our picnic table and we began our adventure into the abyss of puzzle playing. 


As I began looking at all of the 1000 miniature shapes spread out all over the table I began asking myself what the hell I was thinking.  The picture of all people and items from the eighties captured my attention which is why I bought it but I didn’t really take into consideration the time and intricacy involved in such a humongous puzzle such as this.  Thankfully the person I was playing with is much more in tuned with these things than I am and he first began by finding the edges and placing them on the cardboard.  Never would have crossed my mind.


To use the word challenging would be a great understatement as I was looking at these innumerable pieces not knowing where the f&ck they would all go then, just as suspected anger began setting in and I truly wanted to get whatever pieces were placed correctly on the cardboard in addition to the many others and just chuck them into the yard since I was sitting directly behind the it.  Fortunately my friend began putting them together much quicker than I did and I estimate that while he did about 80% of it I did the rest.  Yippee!!!!!!!  After about four-and-a-half hours of playing I realized we wouldn’t be able to finish since it had begun to get dark.  So we carefully carried the large cardboard semi-finished puzzle upstairs into a spare bedroom.  I’m not sure when we’ll complete it but as I sat there bewildered at where to put each piece I immediately realized why I never played puzzles as a child and why after yesterday I really think I hate them.  I can admit that this is the last puzzle I’ll ever attempt to play and even question when the time comes that each and every piece is in place revealing the most gnarly puzzle ever if I won’t just keep it on the cardboard permanently.  Of course it could pose some difficulties since just one wrong move and the pieces could go everywhere thus destroying hours of dedication or I could just put them back in the bag knowing I’ll never take them out again unless of course I burn them.  After all now that summer’s here it’s the perfect time for camping and of course campfires.  The best part of my day was having a much desired Cotton Candy Blizzard.




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