Pouty Lips? Such Bullshit!

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As technology continues to progress from social media to the latest phones and various ways to watch umpteen television shows as well as movies along with every other innovative device people feel compelled to keep up with the one thing I despise more than anything else including pea-brained people who take pictures of themselves is when girls pucker their lips as if they’re models posing.  Are you f*cking kidding me?  It’s now become an epidemic.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social networking sites displaying all these simpletons making that same stupid face which I refer to as kissy lips.  Why do these followers continue to do this?  Do they think they’re gracing the cover of ELLE?  Will these brainless, sheeple bitches ever stop this absurd behavior or will it remain a permanent annoyance forever?


I don’t know when or how this explosion of sorts began because I sure as hell know this never happened when I was in school.  Then again there were no technology platforms either which is where this entire idiocy began.  Guys did; however, begin wearing sideburns circa 1990-19994 due to the immense popularity of Beverly Hills 90210 but it wasn’t at all the stupidity compared to what’s going on now every time girls post photos of themselves while pursing their lips.  When I look at various web or other social sites and see innumerable pictures of girls mostly ranging in age from teenagers all the way up to women in their 60’s (as evident of online photos of distant relatives I’ve yet to meet) it’s utterly sad that this is the extent of what they’ll do for attention.  Celebrities included.  Not only do I see carbon-copies of girls, whether being serious or just joking around making that same dim-witted face, they actually look as if they’re about to go down on someone.  A class act!


For those unaware of this the early 90’s became the mecca for supermodels and when they’d make kissy (also referred to as duckface) lips it was appropriate since they walked the runways worldwide and were adored by millions but for imbecilic girls as well as women to make the same faces is absolutely ludicrous.  Even if they’re fooling around for the camera why do they pout their lips together looking as if they’re about to suck somebody off?  The more I see this I think of one hilarious line from the movie The Great Outdoors when Roman, referring to hot dogs says “You know what they make those things out of, huh Chet, you know?”  “Lips and assholes!”  Which is exactly what I think every time I see these empty-headed girls’ same face.  I don’t want to think about the part about hot dogs but I couldn’t agree more about the last bit because the more females (as well as males) make that same vacuous face with their lips the more they look like assholes.  I’ve seen girls do this in malls, grocery stores, public restrooms and even at work.  Wannabe’s puckering their lips while taking pictures of themselves with their cell phones for all their moronic friends/followers to see.  If this type of behavior was in its infancy I could understand many people wanting to join in but come on it’s been going around for I don’t know how long.  Give it up already.  This is a prime example of when the phrase “What the F#ck?” can’t be more appropriate in terms of explaining this entire craze. 


I will admit one thing regarding kissy lips.  Whenever I want my dog to kiss me I tell/sing him in baby talk “Gimme kiss kiss” then purse my lips together and usually, but not always he comes up and kisses me on my lips.  And that’s the ONLY time I do that!  Mwuah!           

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