Piece By Piece

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When I was little I loved playing with dolls and board games but I’ve never been fond of puzzles due to the simple fact that finding the pieces and placing them in the correct spot can be quite challenging.  I’ve seen ones from states, landscapes and numerous others but none have ever captured my interest, that is until two years ago when I was walking through the toy aisle of a store and instantly glimpsed a box with many a pictures from people, movies, television and everything in between all from the eighties with the caption The 1980’s.  I was so excited I wanted to bust out singing “Fame” but settled by picking up the 1000 piece puzzle and buying it.


Most people would have opened and played it immediately but I’ve waited for the most perfect day and hopefully that will be tomorrow since the weather’s finally warm seeing that it must be outside.  As I open both sides of the taped edges I’ll feel like that of a treasure hunter opening the chest of a newly discovered fortune  only I won’t be set for life financially that is unless opening the box contains precious and rare gems, gold and other precious metals. My only question is whether or not I’ll still be as eager as I am now once I begin trying to put them all together or will become enraged if I can’t possibly resulting in me picking up the glass table and hurling it into the street.  We’ll soon find out.  Below is the photo of the bodacious puzzle which will be played and hopefully correctly put together.



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