Phubb You

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This is how NOT-up-to-date I am when it comes to the latest phrases.  Yesterday while listening to the radio as I drove home the announcer said there’s a term to describe when one snubs another in favor of their cell phone called “phubbing” which I think is hilarious yet oh so true.  I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to go to a restaurant and see people actually conversing with each other instead of constantly looking down, scrolling and texting on their damn phones.  The announcer said “phubbing” has contributed to countless breakups and has even ruined friendships and I know for certain it’s accurate because if you’re dining with someone and instead of having the common courtesy of looking at you while speaking they’re too busy looking at their phone then they’re basically saying you’re not that important so what does that person do?  They simply cut off contact with him or her or begin making excuses as to why they can’t make plans and hope that inconsiderate jackass will take a hint and most likely it won’t affect them in the least as they’ll be too busy on their phones.


This isn’t the first time I’ve written of my dislike of technical devices and how people rely too much on them including disregarding others even when they’re at the same frickin’ table!  Is it too difficult for someone to turn off their phone while visiting with people?  It’s just so impolite to interrupt a conversation only to begin another with someone else via their phones or simply avert their attention to that person/people so they can respond to whomever texted them.  I can understand if it’s a dire emergency such as a problem with their kids but just to begin looking at their phone as if the person across from them doesn’t exist is inexcusable yet almost everyone does it.  


One night I’d gone out to dinner with relatives and noticed a family at a nearby table and every one of them, grandparents included were all looking at their phones smiling and giddy.  They were at a restaurant for f*ck’s sake they couldn’t have waited to share their phone time when they got home?  Was it too much for them to engage in a civilized conversation as opposed to looking at photos on their smartphones?  So if one of the grandparent’s would have died that night at least the members can say they all shared in looking at the same photos on their phones.  Talk about family bonding.  Might I add that none of us were on our phones.  This is the problem with people today.  They’re relying too much on their phones and social media as opposed to socializing with people.  And guess what?  It’s only gonna get worse!  All of this writing of people’s ignorance makes me want to watch a good movie from the 80’s.  National Lampoon’s Vacation it is.  All the “phubbers” can phubb off!!!!!!!      

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