Patriotic Panties

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With today being the 4th of July what better day to describe the stars and stripes designed underwear I got from Victoria’s Secret several years ago?  Now I must first point out that it’s not a store I frequent as the cost of their panties even on sale are exorbitant and the Love Pink logo on their clothing is nothing more than a status symbol.  But when it comes to glitter or sequins I sometimes can’t control myself such as the case when I was walking past the store three summers ago and was awestruck when I noticed a pair of sparkly sequined panties representing the American flag only the colors were red, silver and blue.  I immediately purchased them and despite the price of $50.oo they were hella worth it.  I realize Victoria’s Secret has quite an array of clothing consisting of a lot of glitter and sequins but the trademark Love Pink just doesn’t cut it for me which is why I never go in there.  I’m not into designer labels which merely shows off where the person bought the item.  Such pretentious crapola.  


But the panties are entirely different.  The thing is they’re not like regular panties to be worn any day. They’re almost magical due to the shiny sequins which is why I haven’t worn them yet.  I’m quite displeased that I wasn’t able to buy the matching bra but I’m always looking even if it means having to buy it online I will as I want that bra.  I know the day will come when it’s time to bust out my flag emblem panties and I just may end up wearing my ruby red heels.  Now if I could only find the matching bra I’ll be all set.  Who knows I might not wear anything over them.  



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