Nostalgic Through and Through

Posted by on Jul 17, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Imagine my surprise while searching the television guide only to find Alice and my all-time favorite show Silver Spoons on Logo.  The second I began watching Alice I was flooded with so many wondrous memories of me watching that show every day after school and on Sunday nights when I’d completely immerse myself inside Silver Spoons along with having my very first crush on Ricky Schroder.  Aaahhh memories.  What an almost tragic shame it is that shows so entertaining are no longer on thus replaced with asinine programs and carbon copied reality shows.  


What other show was literally a kid’s dream come true not only from having a huge train which could be ridden throughout their palatial mansion but all the amenities from the front door being opened via remote control to video arcades and other far out toys located directly inside the living room?  I really wish I lived inside that fantasy of a residence as the mallard phone is one I still want to this day. What better a sound when the phone rings than a duck quacking?  Need I write more?

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