Most Memorable Holidate

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Not only did Valentine’s Day happen to fall on Ash Wednesday but the fact that April Fool’s Day is on, of all days Easter Sunday has me questioning whether or not the usual pranks which take place on this most mischievous day will still occur, will be less or possibly more.  April Fool’s Day for me is not as much about practical jokes as it is a sign of spring but for many this is the one day out of the year they can have a field day playing tricks on others.  But with it being Easter which is a huge day for family get-togethers I wonder whether relatives and friends will make time to pull off some amusing antics.  Probably so.


I’m sure countless Catholics who’ve abstained from eating any type of meat for the past six Fridays are especially looking forward to today’s/tonight’s festivities that is unless of course they’re vegetarians to begin with which won’t make a bit of difference.  What I’m really hoping for is if Peter Cottontale hippity hoppitied his furry ass to my front door with $100 million in his basket.  F*ck the chocolate I just want the lettuce and who better to give it to me than the Easter Bunny?                                                                                                   







P.S.  In my last entry several days ago titled Doggonit!  I described my deepest affection towards dogs and of all times about an hour prior to leaving for work I had my new tube of Covergirl lip gloss  which is glittery silver and sparkly beyond compare.  Apparently my dog thought so too since I heard him jump off my bed only to see my lip gloss clenched tightly between his teeth.  The more I tried to take it from him the more he growled and since I didn’t want to have my hand savagely attacked I gave him a piece of chicken and he finally let it go.  While the tube wasn’t punctured it had the cutest teeth marks embedded in it.  Of course at the time I was irate but thankfully I was able to exchange it for a new one.  When I handed it to the girl at the service counter and explained what had happened I felt like a student trying to use that famed expression  “The dog ate my homework” to their teacher only in this case my dog really did chew it as evident of the bite marks on the tube.  Speaking of that saying which has been used on teachers for years I’m sure it really has happened to people in that their dogs have gotten a hold of their homework or other assignments just like in the Motley Crue video “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” when the Doberman Pinscher really did eat his homework.  So what happens?  What must they do to prove to their instructors or in certain cases professors that their dog or other pet really destroyed their work?  Will the educator give them a break by believing them and offer them a chance to make up the assignment or would they think their intelligence was being insulted and flat out give the student a zero?  Not really sure but it’s rather thought-provoking, don’tcha think?  




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