Major Vehicle Phobia

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So I planned on ringing in the New Year by posting the most thought-provoking and brutally honest entry yet only I miscalculated the length of time it would take as I’m still in the process of writing it so what better a time than now to explain my beyond apprehension when it comes to backing out of spots in parking lots.  It absolutely terrifies me so I always try to park in the space ahead so all I have to do is simply drive out.  There are times; however, when the only way to park is in a spot that requires the backing up of a vehicle unless of course one wants to drive forward thus causing severe damage to their car, truck or SUV in addition to possibly getting fined for what could be considered vandalizing public property.  That said or in this case written when I’m forced to back out of a spot it takes the word anxiety to sky-high levels.  


I panic that while backing out another car driving by might not see me as is the case many times in parking lots and hit me, then there are people walking by I may not see as well as having an overall feeling of dislike since driving forward is just so simple.  You get in, look both ways, pull forward and you’re off.  Whereas when backing out there’s the turning of the wheel and the constant watching to make sure no one’s coming.  Driving forward is just much better for me.  


There are times if I go to a store and the only nearby spots available require backing out I’ll walk further just to be able to park where I can drive out.  Walking several more steps are more than worth hearing a crash or a scream.

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