Long-Awaited Arrival

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Imagine my delight upon driving past a construction in progress soon to be Texas Roadhouse Grill.  The only location right now is about twenty miles away along with numerous other restaurants since that area is constantly busy and heavily trafficked.  They need to start evening things out in terms of having the same or similar type establishments in different locations and not just have them designated to specific areas.  Now if they could just bring Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. here it could be life-changing for many.  Especially me.


Am I the only one who’s begun to notice how commercials are starting to incorporate interracial families in them?  This would have never happened years ago but changing times I guess.  It’s OK for black people to say they don’t believe in interracial dating or marriage and no one says a word yet if a Caucasian says the same thing they’re automatically racist.  Talk about one-sidedness.  As for that simple-minded phrase of “Once you go black you never go back” here’s 80sgirl’s noteworthy quote.  “You wanna be right?  Better stick with white.”  I enjoy dunking my Oreo’s in milk but that’s as far as it goes for me in terms of black and white.



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