Duking it Out

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I just saw something so side-splittingly funny (though others might not agree) on the news I just had to share it.  At a daycare center in St. Louis there’s a video showing toddlers (faces blurred of course) wearing Hulk fists as boxing gloves actually fighting each other.  It’s literally a daycare fight club.  This was one of the only times in history where I watched the news in anticipation because I wanted to see 3 and 4-year-olds beating each other up.  One of the kids filmed the pee-wee boxing match on his iPad when he realized his younger brother was involved in it and was crying due to being hurt.  While the thrown punches occurred almost two years ago it’s something I’ve never seen before but I was laughing so hard my stomach is still in pain.  The reason for this most entertaining of sports having occurred is because the heater in one of the rooms upstairs broke so the teachers brought the kids downstairs and to occupy the preschoolers they busted out a pair of Hulk toy fists and encouraged the kids to begin throwing punches.  It actually showed one of the two teachers, who I highly doubt was valedictorian of her class jumping up and down in jubilance after a boy threw jab after jab at another boy.  That’s the way kids should be taught.  If I were there I would have been the referee and made sure each and every one of those tots learned the true meaning of the word wallop not just some. 


Initially, the two daycare workers were fired from Adventure Learning Center which is still operating but no charges were brought against the two.  Due to the media coverage surrounding the story it sparked outrage in the community, especially among parents of the children in the class resulting in an online petition that was started where thousands of people asked that charges be brought against both females as they now face one felony count of endangering the welfare of a child.  When asked why this type of barbaric behavior occurred one of the teachers said the children were bored and ran out of things to do.  Well that makes sense then.  Not only was once child crying, another had his head punched into the floor while a third actually had the common sense to try to break it up but to no avail.  At least we know when we pay school taxes kids are learning something after all which may account for the daycares’ name. 


Maybe if I were a parent I’d feel differently, actually I probably would but it’s so ludicrous to see that daycare workers actually encouraged little kids to fight with toy fists because they thought they’d be bored and wouldn’t have anything to do in a different room than they were used to being in.  Forget games or stories lets bring out the Hulk gloves and start mini-brawling.  I can’t be outraged because just seeing those kids punching each other is beyond hilarious.  I’m sorry but it is.  I know one thing though.  The mother of the children, one of whom was beaten and the other who had the intelligence to record the entire outrageous fiasco is going to make this daycare pay literally since she filed a lawsuit against the daycare center for more than $25,000.    


I wish they would have done this when I was in high school and had all the kids I disliked clobbering each other.  At least it would have made school both entertaining and educating for me.



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