To Tell or Not to Tell?

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While shocktober is my favorite month of the year and all I do is write of and watch spooky things throughout the month, due to the Mega Millions jackpot now at a whopping 1.6 billion while the Powerball is $620 million I did something I only do once a year on my birthday in that I bought a lottery ticket along with millions of other people since we all have that same improbable dream of winning.  Of course I know I won’t win as it will be somebody else or a group of others as is the story of my life but it had me pondering something quite relevant.  Now you hear many people joke that if they were to win the lotto they wouldn’t bother going back to work since they obviously wouldn’t need to and while I’m sure this has happened more times than I can even count I’m curious as to how many people would spread the word about the fact that they were now the overjoyed owner of millions of dollars as opposed to those who would simply keep it to themselves?


Now we’ve all seen movies, television shows and read the many stories of what can happen when someone wins the lottery.  Not only do their lives change immensely it also opens the portal to the besieging of phone calls and visits to their home from just about everyone they know along with others they don’t in hopes of getting a piece of the pie.  I so wish I were watching The Jeffersons as every time I hear that phrase I think of the theme song.  Relatives they haven’t seen or heard from in years, friends they haven’t thought of in years and numerous others all wanting a handout with their brazen sense of entitlement.   


They all have their hands out with sob stories and before you know it you’re life is a complete catastrophe.  The media wants to interview you, charities are bombarding you via your phone, email and even front door and before you know it you think of how much better your life was before you even won that damn lottery.  The show The Lottery Changed My Life depicts both the positive and negative aspects of what can happen when a person wins it as often times they spend beyond their means resulting in them going through all their winnings or they make other foolish mistakes and within a few years they’re back in the same financial situation as they were prior to winning.  Before long many of these winners wish they wouldn’t have won at all or realize they would have been better off keeping their mouths shut about the entire thing.  They’re even at risk for being kidnapped and held for ransom or even robbed all due to the enormous fortune they’ve now acquired often times resulting in tragedy.  Sure hope blabbing to everyone was worth it.


As for me?  If I were fortunate or blessed enough to win several hundred million dollars as the person (people) who wins the Mega Millions and decided to take a lump sum no one would know a frickin’ thing other than three of my family members being my parents and my dog.  I’d still go to work like any other day, continue to drive the car I’ve had for almost fourteen years and act as if nothing had changed.  I would; however, take a week-long vacation about a month later, find and buy my lifelong dream mansion on the beach (where no natural disasters would destroy it) along with setting my parents up for life then I’d return to work followed by giving my two week notice which would seem more plausible since I’d just returned home after being gone for a week making it appear as if I’d gone out of state looking for a job I’d lie about being hired for.  No one and I mean no one would ever suspect that I came into beaucoup bucks and therefore wouldn’t bother me.  I’d then live happily ever after and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone and everyone wanting to be my friend/favorite relative in a desperate attempt at my sudden, vast wealth. 




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