Hosting Account Distress

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This is just my luck.  I had the most amazing entry describing the eruption of something sweeping not only this country but possibly the world.  I intended on posting it today but, now this is where adversity rears its ugly head my plan didn’t quite work out as expected.  Since I have zero technical expertise especially when it comes to computers which is why I always need someone to help me whenever a problem arises.  Whether it’s my current webmaster or the domain which supports my website unless I’m doing something simple such as downloading something step by step assistance is always required.


So Tuesday which just so happened to be Halloween started off wondrous.  I took the say off work, slept in worked out and after showering put on my pajamas and stayed in them the entire day.  In the midst of having a horror fest consisting of one terrifying movie after another I checked my email only to find a message from my hosting provider indicating that my hosting account needed to be updated because of having received a new IP address.  Since I have no idea what the hell any of that means I immediately contacted the web hosting company figuring I’d explain everything to them, they’d correct it and all would be grand.  But while speaking to the representative I wisely went to my website only to become panic-stricken when I saw that my gleaming home page along with everything else regarding my website was complete gone and replaced with a totally blank area and the words Error Establishing a Database Connection in the title bar.  What the F*ck does that mean?!?!?!  What error?  I expected my name to be adorned in glitter with this month’s newest colors and instead am met with this?!?!?!  So after waiting more than twenty minutes and being told the update might take several hours to be complete I figured it would be fine by the next day.  How wrong I was.


Fast forward four days, five more representatives all telling me the same thing.  To wait a few more hours as I was flooded with immense terror regarding whether or not my website would be retrieved or lost in artificial intelligence space forever not 4ever.  So after calling for the fourth time to speak with someone who once again put me on hold for more than twenty minutes only to be re-directed to yet another agent he was finally able to correct the debacle and thankfully was up and running.  Hallelujah over and over!!!!!


I don’t even know what he said which was the reason for this entire ordeal but something wasn’t working and was replaced with something else as I hope and pray this never occurs again.  Yet these kinds of things always seem to happen to me.  As if things weren’t bad again I had to run into Penney’s to get something and they’re freakin’ playing Christmas music already in addition to holiday items being displayed all over.  Four days into November.   


Fret not, readers.  My latest blog will be up soon for all to not only read and ponder but will hopefully impact many.  Mainly the people I’m writing about.   

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