Holiday Giving and Receiving

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Remember when Cabbage Patch Kids were the most sought-after toy which conveniently coincided with Christmas or Hanukkah and had parents or other family members doing whatever it took to get their hands on one which may have included running, pushing others out of their way and even resorting to violence to ensure their child or loved one was the proud owner of the hottest doll around?  The same exact thing went for Tickle Me Elmo but thanks to a brilliant infrastructure known as the internet certain rapacious people were able (or at least attempted) to sell the toy for upwards of $1,500 despite the doll being sold for around $29.00.  Talk about really being in the spirit of Christmas which may have accounted for some of the death threats they received.


Given the enormity of sales both Cabbage Patch Kids and Tickle Me Elmo generated I think it would be superb if another in-demand toy were to hit shelves this holiday season making it number one on innumerable children’s wish lists but that was available only in stores and NOT online!  Imagine the countless people waiting excitedly, impatiently or nonchalantly in line for hours in great anticipation for doors to open thus beginning their intent escapade toward that immensely popular item as there’s no crowd control in this scenario.


Suddenly males and females of all ages begin racing hastily for the most coveted toy which soon turns into an all-out war in their bid for one.  Once inside it’s pure pandemonium going from people grabbing the toy which soon turns into yanking toys from others’ hands (children included) and then it’s no holds barred.  Within no time people are doing anything and everything they can from throwing accusations as to who was first to get the toy to throwing punches, kicking and even knocking out teeth along with possibly pulling out various weapons and using them to make certain they get that much-wanted item.  That would, for me be the ultimate Yuletide sight defining the true meaning of the word Christmas.  After all how many parents would not only stand in line for endless hours but also risk injuring others or becoming injured themselves possibly resulting in going to jail during the holidays in a most valiant effort that their child get that special toy they’ve so longed for?

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