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I’ve been waiting for the right time to write about this most ideal of topics and upon discovering the inception of April 20th, also referred to as 420, 4:20 or 4/20 it couldn’t be any more appropriate.  It all began back in February when I mentioned to a co-worker the irony of how Valentine’s Day was on Ash Wednesday and April Fool’s Day happened to fall on Easter Sunday.  Then he said “Then there’s April 20th” but I didn’t know the significance of it that is until he told me it’s a term for smoking pot.  Am I the only person on the planet who was completely unaware of this?  As a result I became so fascinated with the origin of the date and people that I did some research and learned 4/20 is indeed a code term in the world of cannabis especially when it’s smoked at 4:20 either a.m. or p.m.  


It all came about in 1971 at San Rafael High School in Marin Country, California by a group of five stoner friend who called themselves “the Waldo’s.”  According to legend 4:20 became a code for their marijuana use.  Little did they know the rippling effect their toking pastime and cipher would become once it reached the Grateful Dead which helped to launch the term making 4/20 the worldwide code it is today.  


While that story is quite noteworthy I’ve got one which takes the word naivety to new and possibly unknown levels.  Seeing that I’ve never been around any type of drugs (not to sound self-righteous I’ve just never had an interest in inhaling nor ingesting any type of illegal substance) I’m unable to distinguish one from another.  One day I was waiting on a black female and was immediately hit with the most horrid stench I presumed to be skunk piss.  It reeked all around her and I actually thought to myself “Was this ghetto chick just peed on by a skunk?”  Maybe if I’d have mentioned this to someone they would have explained the truth behind my zany misconception but I didn’t think it was a big deal, that was until it happened several more times with the exact repugnant odor emanating from the same ethnicity.  I really started to wonder whether black people lived in the country or just had skunks nearby who would typically urinate all over them.  


About a month or so went by then one evening a young black couple came in and I was once again hit with that same putrid funk but once they left and I instantly began spraying Febreze all around when an employee nearby said “Whew!  That’s some strong pot!”  Then it suddenly dawned on me.  That overpowering almost to the point of nauseating stink I kept smelling from one black person to another wasn’t skunk piss, though it couldn’t have possibly smelled any closer to it.  It was pot!!!!!!!!  How unworldly could I have been?  After that another co-worker explained in detail the definition of a hotbox which was almost mortifying.  We must remember that 80sgirl is stuck in an era far removed from the modern world consisting of unnumbered tech-loving clones who can’t come up with a single original thought or saying as they continue to use the same up-to-date lingo as their peers.  “Omigod we’re gonna get so lit tonight!”  Real trendsetters.  But back to me.  Upon learning this it all began to make sense.  Black people didn’t live on farms and weren’t being sprayed by skunks they were just  high.


It didn’t end there; however, since just a few weeks after this most recent of enlightening experiences I was in line at the grocery store with my mother of all people when that same familiar yet vile stink drifted through the air and into my nasal passage except this time it wasn’t coming from the same type of people it had been.  Surprisingly it was of a nicely dressed middle-aged Caucasian woman ahead of me.  But the best part was the fact that my mother who was standing beside me also smelled it but didn’t know what it was.  So I whispered to her that it was reefer that smelled like skunk pee and she gave me a look of pure bewilderment.  Right after I said that the elderly lady behind us started to laugh because she’d overheard our conversation.  I on the other hand was still reeling over the fact that she wasn’t black.  Wow!!!!!!!!!  Since I’m not a connoisseur in weed whatsoever I don’t know whether they all have that same abhorrent fetor but I hope and pray to never again smell it.  


I realize the subject of marijuana use is such a grey area giving both the book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey an entirely new meaning due to differing views, beliefs, etc. but the one thing I’ve always found intriguing are pot brownies.  Since one isn’t smoking the herb due to it being edible would it be considered a drug at all or merely a confectionary ingredient enabling the person consuming it to reach new highs?  So to everyone indulging in their favorite or semi-favorite recreation on this most festive of dates (and possible time) while taking a most psychedelic trip I say Bong Voyage!!!!!   



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