Heart and Sole

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Rarely do I ever feel bad about throwing an article of clothing away since I’m not attached to any of my attire but when it comes to various pairs of shoes it’s often quite difficult to get rid of them.  Such is the case with my Nike’s which I’ve had for more than a year.  The second I saw them I knew they were for me and the fact that they fit even better than Cinderella’s magical glass slipper validated it.  They were so comfy especially since I’m always on my feet and I was really hoping they’d last for at least several years.


Unfortunately my wish didn’t come true since over time I began noticing the stitching unraveling towards the upper part of both shoes.  I hoped that would be the extent of my shoes’ wear and tear but it wasn’t as today I saw more and more weathering which was a tell-tale sign to bid a sorrowful adieu to my reliable and beautiful Nike’s.  While I got a new pair of Puma’s which are totally fabulous I still feel gloomy that I had to let go of my Nikey’s.  




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