Hairrowing Ordeal

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After several years of having my hair chemically relaxed, also referred to as thermal reconditioning I now know it’s one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made as I’ve not only paid the price literally with each treatment but as a result it’s preventing me from experimenting with my hair in terms of colors and highlights.  Let me begin by describing my hair has been extremely thick my entire life and I’ve hated it.  While most girls have straight, silky hair mine is anything but.  Even after straightening my hair with a flat iron it was still thick, frizzy and not at all sleek like I wanted.  So after researching various salons I found one that I thought could be life-changing.  The three-hour detailed process did straighten my hair which was aesthetically appealing in addition to it being much easier to maintain.  The problem was that I didn’t ask questions such as whether or not I’d eventually be able to lighten my hair which is not possible due to the potent ingredients in the relaxer.


I should have researched other straightening options rather than just saying yes when I was told my hair would remain straight for several months.  The last time I had my hair straightened was back in February and had been told by my former stylist that any type of coloring whatsoever was out of the question due to the harsh chemicals in the relaxer.  I figured since it’s been more than six months I was in the clear to begin practicing with color.  Despite having read about not being able to bleach my hair I figured we could try some subtle highlights so I made an appointment with a  very informative stylist at another salon.  After explaining my entire mane brouhaha the stylist said she’d add a neutralizer to my hair then would begin adding highlights at my next appointment and while I had my initial misgivings about whether or not it was safe due to me having had my hair chemically straightened she assured me it would be.  So I set up the appointment for the following week and she washed and began cutting my hair.  I had no problem losing several inches which I expected since she said we’d need to get rid of the remainder of the relaxer in the ends.  Now here’s where my major OCD kicks in.  I hate layers.  I don’t care what hairdressers say about how layers are fun and add oomph, can frame a face and anything else they say.  I want my hair one length.  I can’t look at my hair with the sides and bangs shorter than other areas.  I drives me nuts which is why the last time I was given layers several weeks later I had my hair all chopped off so it would be the same length.  That’s all I told the stylist I wanted.  I said she could practice with color or any other treatment but just wanted it one length.  What does she do?  Insists that if I keep it one length the back of my hair will look like a box (her exact words).  I had no choice in the matter and felt pressured since I was in the chair with wet hair and she said if I didn’t like it we could always cut it off.  I relented and said OK and thus began my spiraling decent into hair hell.


When I got home I looked at how various pieces were shorter and choppier than the rest and I was beyond livid.  Why did she do that when I clearly told her I wanted it one length?  Was it her hair?  Was she paying for the service or was I?  So the following day I went across the street from where I work and went to another salon which I should have gone to initially.  Though it was just a consultation due to the limited amount of time I had this stylist was understanding and agreed to even out my hair one length as I explained everything to her about my previous chemical treatments.  She said on the day of my appointment she’d practice a hair foil on me to see if it would work which gave me hope that I’d finally found the right beautician.


So yesterday, 48 hours exactly from the time I began talking with that inept stylist about which options were possible regarding my tresses I met with my new stylist and while I was glad to have all these f*cked up layers removed she told me some disheartening yet not entirely shocking news.  She said that she researched the chemical relaxing treatment I’d had and said she wouldn’t try any highlights on me because it would destroy my hair due to the fact that I still had the relaxer in it.  She actually showed me where the new growth is on my head but the rest still has the relaxer in it and I was unaware that it doesn’t simply wash out and must grow out or the ends must be cut off entirely.  So basically I can’t do a damn thing colorwise for about a year or possibly longer.  While I’m quite perturbed about my entire coiffure debacle I’m overly grateful that the know-it-all stylist did the exact opposite of what I wanted which was a tell-tale sign to never go back otherwise I would have kept my next appointment with her resulting in my hair being broken off piece by piece.  Every girl’s dream come true.  To quote Cher from her 1989 hit “If I Could Turn Back Time” I sure as f#ck would!  

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