Hail Halloween!!!!!!

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Many people have one day out of the year that’s their absolute favorite.  It might be Christmas, their birthday or a certain date signifying something special.  They may even wish that magical day could last longer than it does but know all too well it won’t.  For me that day is Halloween.  The older I’ve gotten the more I relish in doing nothing more than watching slasher films all day and night while in my jammies.  I kind of don’t mind that the weather’s changing, at least for today.  In between watching people scream, run and hide for their lives I’ll be handing out goodies to trick-or-treaters which only makes me reminisce more than usual of when I would go out each year with the two kids who lived up the street while our moms would walk behind us and catch up on everything that’s happened since they’d last seen each other one year earlier.  


Of course by now most retailers have begun to display Christmas items which only makes me even more disenchanted with the entire holiday season.  Stores can’t wait to cash in on the festivities any sooner than they can since they’re apparently not making enough revenue already.  Corporate bastards.  In all honesty I wouldn’t mind celebrating All Hallows’ Eve once a month thus replacing once meaningful now turned money-grubbing holidays such as Christmas and Easter altogether since the spirit for countless people is long gone in exchange for materialistic objects and candy.  God must be so proud.


By the time this most forthright of entries is up for all to read my horror movie marathon (Hocus Pocus still a must) will have begun as my fiber optic haunted house set perfectly next to my television interchanges vibrant colors every few seconds.  Who needs costume parties when you have that?


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