Gratuity a Must

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This particular entry is one quite relevant especially in today’s times.  Jobs which include tipping can be quite lucrative for many but not all depending on one’s ability.  Whether someone works as a bartender, hairstylist, taxi driver or holds any other job in which tips are relied upon as their primary source of income if they go above and beyond in terms of performing a specific service then they deserved to be tipped based on it.  Whenever I go to a restaurant and the service is exceptional I tip well.  If, on the other hand, the server is less than adequate while I won’t tip the usual 20% I always leave them something but it will most definitely reflect the type of service for which I was given.  


Now this is the part where I may or may not differ from others in terms of tipping.  When I order take-out and go pick it up or have it delivered I always leave a tip.  Whether I add it to my bill when I charge it, hand it to them or simply place money in their jar.  While the staff might not be waiting on tables they’re still taking the time to cook and/or box the food and get any extra items necessary to complete the order.  I can’t just go inside, swipe my credit card and leave the area for the tip blank.  My conscience won’t allow it.  Yet others don’t feel the need to tip for pick-up since they’re not being waited on such as in a restaurant to which my immediate response is balderdash!  If restaurant staff are either preparing food, delivering it or simply placing edibles in a to-go box then they should be rightfully tipped.  Even when I get Starbucks and either go inside or to the drive-thru I always give them at least a handful of change because of how hard they work.  I tried being a barista for about three days and by the end of the third day wanted to throw a cup of scalding coffee on customer after customer including all staff.  Needless to say I no longer make any type of beverages for people yet appreciate when others make them for me and express it by way of tipping.  


Then there are those who not only tip poorly they don’t tip at all.  How could anyone do that?!?  Have the server politely take your order, bring any items you request, periodically check on your table and be as accommodating as possible only to be stiffed out of their more than deserving tip?  That’s beyond fu*ked up!!!!  These people depend not on their paychecks but rather their tips to pay their bills and other necessities and when patrons feel they’re not obligated to leave them one it’s morally wrong on countless levels.  Servers especially have keen recollections and remember people mainly those who totally screwed them over and you never know if a person /persons go into a restaurant and that same waiter or waitress who they’d previously cheated out of their tip happens to be their server that day or night which may result in them putting something extra special into the patron’s food.  Not saying it should happen but it does.  If a guy goes to a gentleman’s club and the stripper spinning round and round on the pole or whatever else she does is doing a great job then tip her well dammit!!!!! Maybe if these stingy bastards too cheap to tip people justly owed were to work their jobs one day their ignorant thinking might change.  Then again maybe not.


 *  While writing this I did some research into the origin of the word tips and while I’d always been under the assumption the acronym of T.I.P.S. stood for To Insure Prompt Service I was wrong.  The word is not at all an acronym as the second word would properly be spelled as well as pronounced Ensure but many people still like to believe it to be true so why burst their etiquette bubble?



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