Goblins, Candy and Much More

Posted by on Oct 2, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

While I bid adieu to summer I can’t help but feel excitement about the fact that October is my most favorite month.  Despite stores displaying Halloween items in September I refuse to think about anything associated with the spookiest holiday until we’re in the month of October which we now are.  While I’m not into going to haunted houses or other terror-filled locations I relish in watching horror movies as well as ghostly expeditions but while I’m home and in my jammies.  


Am I the only one who thinks trick-or-treating shouldn’t strictly be designated for children and adults should be able to partake in the festivities of walking door to door whilst collecting goodies?  Possibly.  YAY!!!!!  Now I can take out all my Halloween items I got last year on clearance and display them!


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