Getting Baked in the Desert

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What better a way to enter the month of November than to open not only another but the world’s largest marijuana dispensary in where else but Viva Las Vegas?!?!  I grew up there and the last time I visited was almost twenty years ago but it’s still hard to believe they’re actually selling pot like candy which they actually do as edible cannabis.  Yummy!  When we moved I was four months shy of turning 21, the legal age limit and I still can’t believe how entirely different laws have become.  You can literally walk into one of the many marijuana dispensaries throughout Las Vegas and as long as you show them a valid drivers license the pot possibilities are endless.  I’m blown away.  Whether it’s used as medicinal or recreational purposes, which I think is the more prevalent people can simply walk in, purchase no more than an ounce of reefer then as long as they find a safe place to smoke, ingest or whatever other means they use to get high they happily can.  I was also shocked to discover that cash is usually the only means of payment since pot remains illegal under federal law and therefore major credit card networks won’t allow merchants to use their cards for marijuana purchases.  So another words you can buy grass legally if you’re of age but you can’t pay with a credit card due to the illegality of it.  WOW!!!!!    


I’m new to all this as I’ve never smoked pot in my life and have no intention of doing so since I hate inhaling anything but I have to admit I’m rather curious about various products infused with marijuana such as gummies or chocolate.  Now if I were to indulge in pot edibles I’d not only be home with every single door locked I’d also be in my pajamas since I’d be lying on my bed anyway, possibly under the covers while getting my first high.  That way if I do start to trip I won’t have to worry about where I am or where I’ll end up.  But since I’ve never tried any illegal substance yet I don’t really need to start now. 


I realize that people have different views and beliefs regarding the topic of legalizing marijuana with many justifying that dispensaries are much safer than buying off of someone which I tend to agree with.  But I’m still reeling over the fact that one could walk into a weed dispensary and walk out with enough to get blitzed.  Further reaffirming why Las Vegas is also known as Sin City.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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