Fragrances Galore

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While I’m not at all a shopper and in fact despise having to go out and purchase any and all types of clothing in addition to never having bought a single article online when it comes to perfumes most of which are on clearance or at a really good price I get an enormous rush of adrenaline knowing they’ll soon be mine.  I’ve lost track of the number of bottles I’ve bought due to the sheer fact that they had a discounted price on the label since it’s a rarity to come across a scent I dislike.  


I can somewhat identify with those who hoard due to their extreme tendencies to collect various and often times unconventional items because when it comes to certain things such as cosmetics, nail polishes, body sprays and perfumes no matter how many I own if I find a color or scent that’s different from what I already have and it’s on clearance I’ll buy it.  The difference between myself and hoarders is that they’ll purchase or acquire an abundance of possessions which often times consume their entire lives resulting in absolute mayhem whereas I use all my products and don’t store them like that of a warehouse.  The problem is that I’m accumulating more fragrance bottles than I have room.  It’s just that they all smell so amazing and the prices are such bargains I can’t resist buying them.  Whenever I walk by a fragrance counter at the mall or at a store I can’t justify spending a lot for a bottle of perfume based solely on the name but if I see one with a really good price sticker on it I’m getting it.  


At the same time; however, I realize that fragrances tend to lose their potency after a while which is why I make sure to rotate them with usage.  I also know that people’s body chemistry doesn’t always work well with every perfume and many dissipate quickly after applying them or often times will smell rancid on someone yet great another but fortunately I’ve had good luck with all the fragrances I own.  I suddenly have the urge to knock on one of my bottles since I’m not near any wood and don’t want to jinx myself.  The only issue I’ve begun having is that the one side of my dresser including several large tin boxes is completely filled with perfume bottles and roll-ons.  I could literally have my own fragrance counter and kind of do.


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