For Pizza Sake!

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Do you ever have one of those days when you’re unsure as to what to eat for dinner?  You don’t want to cook but at the same time have zero interest in dealing with crowds and just want to eat home quite possibly while in your pajamas.  I had the exact same feeling today along with the biggest craving for pizza but not just any kind.  See there are many types of pizza, some that are square or rectangular and others which are triangular.  Many Italian restaurants and pizza shops tend to make sheet pizza which is square shaped, also referred to as “tavern style” or “party cut” but the more I’ve eaten them the more I’ve come to dislike them.  I hate eating square-shaped pizza.  Triangular pieces make a pizza.


I never realized this until tonight but I really hate square and rectangular-shaped pizza.  I find myself eating more if it’s triangular as opposed to square-shaped.  Even though the taste of the pizza is the same for both triangular and square shapes I don’t feel like I’m eating pizza unless it’s in the shape of a slice of pie.  I’ve actually found myself becoming angered at the sight of squared pizza despite the numerous times I’ve asked it to be made round so the slices would be in wedges.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask.    


I know there are numerous types of pizza but when I searched the internet I was blown away. Various state-named pizzas such as Detroit-style which just so happens to be square and California-style which combines thin crust with local and seasonal ingredients that are often times creative and unique such as artichoke hearts and basil not to mention the countless deep-dish styles whose pictures made me want to grab a piece right out off of my computer screen.  Then there’s stuffed crust which I’ve yet to try since I like my crust plain.  Last but certainly not least we can’t forget the innumerable toppings which can be placed atop peoples’ pies.  Though I have to admit some such as cauliflower or sauerkraut are almost enough for a person to literally gag themselves with a spoon or any other utensil for that matter.  Like barf me out to the max!


Some people might not care what their pizza looks like as long as it tastes good but for me I have an aversion to square and rectangular pieces which might explain why I rarely eat that specific type.  So tonight I’m ordering an authentic pizza pie complete with three, not four edges of mouth-watering flavor.  DELIZIOSO!!!!





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