Stirring the Cauldron

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These are the only words which come to mind upon reading about a group called the Halloween & Costume Association, also known as the Halloween Industry Association who started an online petition titled the “Saturday Halloween Movement” directly addressed to President Trump which thousands of people (consisting mostly of parents who apparently have nothing better to do with their time) have already signed in order to move Halloween, a holiday that dates back to more than 2,000 years ago to the last Saturday of October stating asinine reasons such as injuries sustained to children, safety precautions not properly taken and other ridiculous claims I can’t believe even made it online much less became a petition to the President of the United States.  Dear God what’s happening to this country?  


Why don’t they do what other parents do by taking their child/children trick-or-treating early so they’ll have enough time to get their goodies and not feel cheated?  If parents don’t want to take their kids out trick-or-treating due to it being a school night or because they have to work the following morning then they shouldn’t do it.  Let them simply go to the bulk food section of their local grocery store, grab a bagful of candy and hand it to their kids.  Voila and Happy Halloween but don’t try to destroy a most celebrated holiday for many (including me) for the plain and obvious fact that you want to be heard and feel important in your monotonous lives.    


If we celebrated Halloween on the last Saturday of the month it would defeat all purposes of having parties as well.  That’s why having it on the last day of the month makes it worthwhile to enter November the next day.  Who the hell wants to do that on a Saturday only to have more days in the month?  But lately it seems like all people have to do is complain, especially when it comes to racial issues and rules including holidays instantaneously change.  Maybe another organization of idiots should try to have St. Patrick’s Day changed to the last Saturday of March so people enjoying the festivities a bit too much could have the following day to recover from their extreme hangovers.  Seeing that President Trump is running this entire turmoil-filled country does he honestly need this newest snafu?  just hope this most recent of motions becomes disregarded as the foolish nonsense it really is and Halloween remains the same as it’s been for years.




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