Dreamcatcher and a Cross

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Since today is Friday the 13th what better time to write of two objects which are rarely associated with each other?  That is until now.  Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops” and created by American Indians, dreamcatchers are handmade crafts consisting of a round hoop (traditionally made with willow wood) that’s woven in a loose web of yarn and decorated with feathers or other type of various material such as beads, fringe, tassels and even bone just to name a few which hangs below the hoop.  They were hung above the beds to protect people sleeping, usually children from bad dreams and evil spirits.  Legends depicted that the spider web design of the dreamcatcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children while bad dreams would become caught in the web and as the first rays of the morning light hit the dreamcatcher the bad dreams would disappear.  


Whether or not there’s any validity to the folklore is anyone’s guess as children aren’t the only ones who have nightmares.  In fact,  I actually have a dreamcatcher which hangs not above but rather directly behind my bed yet I continue to have terrifying dreams but that may have something to do with the plethora of real-life crime shows I watch before going to sleep.  But who’s to say dreamcatchers’ only purpose is to ensure the person or people who slumber have pleasant dreams?  So I decided to hang another one made up of multi-colored beads intricately entwined into the web alongside a feather resembling that of a peacock in my car.  I must admit I fancy it and of all things the very next day I went to JC Penney to use my cherished $10.00 off of $10.oo coupon and as I rummaged around their Christmas clearance items I came across the most stunning cross adorned with lavender and dark purple gems.  Not only was it on clearance but there was an additional 20% off so the cross which had been priced at $30.00 ended up costing $2.60.  I was so thrilled with my newfound item I wanted to run up the nearest wall and do a backflip against it just as Tina Tech did in Flashdance but since I possess no aerobic skills whatsoever and didn’t want to be tackled by security I kept my euphoria under wraps.  I was also able to buy a blouse and headband also at a drastically reduced price and after my coupon the total came to an exhilarating $1.07.


Since my cross is so sparkly and eye-catching rather than keep it hidden in some drawer I decided to hang that in my car as well.  So I now have the most gleaming tricolored star shaped crystal consisting of pink, aquamarine and clear which hangs below my rear-view mirror, a dreamcatcher on the right side and a cross on the left.  All are visually appealing and while I don’t need any help from the dreamcatcher while driving hopefully having that cross will further protect me from the dangerous speed demons and absent-minded people consumed with whatever is on their phones which apparently takes precedence over focusing 100% of their attention on the road.  I can only imagine what St. Christopher, the patron saint for travelers must think when he looks down at the innumerable people texting, taking photos of themselves and the many other things they do on their cellular devices while behind the wheel.  




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