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Several weeks ago I went to pick up my dog at the groomer.  She works out of her home and I feel more at ease bringing my pooch there as opposed to the other places we’ve gone.  When I went inside to get him he looked beyond beauteous and I smothered him with kisses.  As always.   I also saw the two other adorable dogs he’d been playing with but then I saw her.  The sweetest yellow lab puppy through the glass door sitting outside so adorable.  I wanted so badly to open that patio door, pick her up with one hand while holding the leash to my dog in the other then dart out the front door and peel the hell outta there.  Of course I didn’t but just seeing her made me want to take her home.


Then I discovered it wasn’t the groomer’s puppy as she was being trained to be a seeing eye dog.  The lady explained how she not only grooms and boards dogs but also trains them for a variety of purposes.  While I commended her on doing something so significant I was immediately hit with sorrow knowing that she’d soon have to give that loveable puppy-turned-dog to her owner and asked if it saddened her.  She told me it did but knows it’s part of the job.


As we left I felt so gloomy knowing once that lovable puppy got big enough and trained she’d be given up and despite her being a guide dog for someone in need which is quite estimable it made me realize how I could never do that.  I wouldn’t and simply couldn’t bring home someone so endearing then, when the time’s right give her or him to someone else.  I guess why I’m too emotional when it comes to things like this just as I could never breed dogs because I wouldn’t be able to part with any of the puppies regardless of the good homes/families they’d go to.  I just can’t do it.  I even find myself getting jealous of others when I see their dogs because I want him/her for myself.  This is also one of the reasons why I can’t ever have a calendar with puppies or dogs being the theme because they’re all so cuddly (nickname for my dog being Cuddles) and I’d want them all so seeing them would actually cause me sorrow so I just won’t.  Speaking of calendars my 2018 is of various barns throughout the country.  Often times while looking at it I’ll fantasize about living there among my many dogs and puppies while overlooking the ocean.  Other times I live in an opulent mansion with the dogs and puppies still overlooking the ocean.


Just writing this makes me want to go out and bring home a baby beagle, yellow Labrador and schnauzer in addition to about ten more various breeds and if I had that dream home I long for I would.  Unfortunately at this particular period of time I don’t but at least I have my one dog who I can’t love any possibly more and know one day, hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll have that home and puppies/dogs galore.

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