Creepy Crawlers and Winged Fairies

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Alas!  My favorite time of the year is here and I’m so excited!  Instead of having to bundle up and tackle the dreaded snow it’s warm and sunny (some but not all days).  The only thing I despise about summer are the bugs and I’m not referring to ants or tiny spiders.  I mean stink bugs who, in the past several years have become more prevalent.  The reason for their suitable name is because when they feel threatened or get killed they emit a horrid stench and even when you squash them many times they’re still moving.  Each and every time I smash them, usually with a shoe I always let out a blood curdling scream due my immense fear of them and I can only imagine what my neighbors think.  Up until about three years ago I’d never even heard of them and now they just keep appearing almost everywhere and I hate them.  I realize the heat attracts many kinds of insects which I’m fine with just so long as they don’t bother me but, prior to having my-much needed oscillating fan on while I sleep those annoying little bastards would wake me up at all hours of the night and early morning by flying around then hitting my hardwood floor which makes a ticking sound.  I’ve lost track of the dreams they’ve interrupted despite me cranking up my white noise machine which is why, now that it’s hot I can’t sleep without my fan that completely drowns all unwanted noises out.    


Now ladybugs I have no problem with.  They’re small and adorable with their black spots atop their red shell plus they’re good luck, at least that’s the folklore behind them which is why one should never kill a ladybug and instead release them outside.  Of all the months of the year only one shares the same name with that of an insect being June bug except they’re nothing but beetles.  The one insect; however, I’ve always found captivating is the firefly, also referred to as a lightening bug.  The reason they’re so distinct unlike other beetles similar in form is because they light up.  While I haven’t seen any yet when they illuminate it’s almost magical to see.  Sometimes I’ll look outside and there’ll be countless lightening bugs all around yet as many times as I’ve tried catching one it hasn’t happened.  


While I hope to never see another stink bug least of all in my room I’d have no worries about seeing fireflies lit up as they’d look like tiny pixies flying all around.  This also reminds me of a line from the highly entertaining movie The Great Outdoors when Roman was talking to his wife and said “All kids like bugs, they’re cute.  Especially fireflies, their butts light up.”




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