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Often times I’m perplexed as to which particular topic I should write about but then something will happen or someone will say something about the exact thing I’d also been thinking of thus prompting me to post my entry.  Such is the case regarding the word shit which I was always taught is a profanity. Whenever a rated R, PG-13 or PG movie became televised all of the swear words were either erased or replaced with other words but as of several months ago certain televised movies and even television shows are using that word as if it’s the word “the” and that’s really bad.  


“The New Edition Story” which aired recently on BET used that word innumerable times throughout the movie and I was shocked.  In several scenes it was like every word.  While the movie was excellent and really told of the hardships every one of the members of the group faced the word didn’t have to be used at all.  I also noticed some other television show used the word more than once and now it’s becoming more and more common.  So if a family is watching a television program and the word shit is used how are the parents/parent going to feel especially if they’re very strict regarding the subject matter their children are and aren’t allowed to watch?  I guarantee they won’t be too happy and may even go so far as to relay their discontent through social media or even by contacting the network which aired the program directly.


I thought I was the only person who felt this way but several nights ago I was talking with someone and he mentioned the exact same thing which to me was a sign that I must write about it and there you have it.  So basically the words damn, hell and ass (which have been used on TV for years) along with bitch, sonofabitch and bastard (said more times on a show than the word love)  are all part of the English language and now we can add shit to that.  How wonderful!


More and more people nowadays keep on trying and succeeding in stretching the limits whether to shock people or just for the simple fact that they can and it’s really unnecessary.  Maybe by the way things are going by this time next year what’s still referred to as the F Word (in addition to a few others) will be spoken nonchalantly on television so no words will be off limits.  So much for censorship or should it be censorshit?!?!?!  

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