Conjuring of Spirits or Innocent Fun?

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I’ve wanted to write on this particularly mysterious of topics for a while now and the time couldn’t be more perfect.  Ever since elementary school when a boy told me about Ouija boards along with the usual accompanied fabricated tales associated with them I’ve been beyond fascinated in every way.  The question I’ve always had along with countless others is whether or not they’re genuine or contrived by one’s own manifestation.  While talking boards have been around since the late 1840’s they didn’t become widely known until 1816 when reported by the New York Daily Tribune about a new talking board used in Ohio.  Once these talking boards became sought-after in 1890 Elijah Bond, Charles Kennard and William H.A. Maupin decided to turn the board into a toy and got it patented calling it a Ouija board.


Originally the Ouija board was referred to as a parlor game and had no connection to the occult until 1916 when American Spiritualist Pearl Curran claimed to have channeled a spirit named Patience Worth who she communicated with via Ouija board and wrote poems, short stories, novels and even plays for more than 20 years which were transcribed by Pearl Curran.  It’s unknown if there’s any validity to this as some believe her to be factual while others feel it was a public ploy to gain attention and fame which she more than did.


The purpose of Ouija boards is to ask it a question or to communicate with the spirit world.  Whether it’s a group of friends getting together for fun, someone attempting to contact a loved one, a person wanting to see what their future holds or a number of other questions people have Ouija boards are often a source for their answers and/or entertainment.  The problem is that people have different beliefs regarding it.  Some, including scientists think of it merely as a game whereas others such as Catholics and deeply religious people feel it’s evil and can bring about malevolent spirits.


For those unfamiliar with how Ouija, also referred to as a spirit or talking board works it’s a wooden board consisting of the alphabet, the numerals 1-0, several words along with various graphics and symbols.  It also contains a planchette which is French for “little plank” and looks like that of a pointer comprised of a clear teardrop or heart-shaped device fitted with a vertical pencil so it could write during séances and is supported on tiny felt shaped castors making it easy to glide across the board.  Ouija boards should be played with at least two people but never just one.  Honestly, who wants to play any type of game by themselves?  To begin, slowly move the planchette in circles to let the board warm up.  With the board directly in front of the players each person places their index and middle fingers firmly but without too much pressure on either side of the planchette resting on the “G” space which is in the middle of the board.  The ritual opens by someone asking a question such as “Is there anyone here who would like to make contact with us through the board?” or a number of others in order to gain a communication frequency.  But there are certain questions that should not be asked including any about God, mortality or to have any physical signs given which may result in the person or persons becoming so freaked out by the answer thus immediately jumping up and running away which in itself might put them in imminent danger.  Also, anyone feeling ill, depressed or in a weakened condition shouldn’t dabble in anything unearthly as it’s said that spirits prey on people in vulnerable states.  While asking the Ouija board a question the planchette might move the pointer across numbers or various letters of the alphabet to spell out words.  I’ve also heard they lie and might point to Yes when the answer is really No.  Other times it might not answer at all which is another way of saying “F*ck you” to each player.  The last rule everyone who engages in Ouija board use must or rather should do is to close the session once the séance has ended by moving the planchette toward the word Goodbye to ensure no spirits will follow.  Lastly close the board and it wouldn’t hurt to say a prayer or two.


While Ouija boards have been around for more than 100 years they didn’t really become popular until the movie The Exorcist was released.  I remember watching Witchboard when I was a teenager and it absolutely terrified me.  In fact my family owned a Ouija board and one time my friend and I played with it (yet made sure to put it back inside the garage so no one would notice) but nothing happened.  The planchette moved a bit but only because she was moving it with her fingers which I clearly saw yet she vehemently denied.  That occurrence further prompted me to question whether or not people do in fact move the planchette themselves while pretending the object is moving by itself adding mystique and terror.  


Then there’s the notion that the subconscious may play a significant role in using a Ouija board.  If people already think there’s a chance that using a particular device may in fact produce a malicious spirit or open a gateway to the occult they can become so petrified their energy could possibly trigger such force resulting in the moving of the planchette.  I’ve heard of, read stories and seen programs about people who have psychic energy or some other type of paranormal ability enabling them to do things such as break lightbulbs or glass, move articles and perform other supernatural acts which cannot be explained.  So it’s quite possible that people who possess this innate quality could very well be capable of moving things consciously or subconsciously.  Yet at the same time those who tend to have extreme anxiety or may be highly emotional which include suffering from depression can attract negative spirits which could result in them becoming possessed or having their life mentally unravel with each passing day that many times requires intervention usually from a demonologist or the Catholic church.  You’d think one could call Ghostbusters seeing that the lyrics from the song are “Who you gonna call?” followed by a loudly sung “Ghostbusters” but apparently not.  Maybe they all disbanded upon learning a foolishly revised movie of the same name would be released.  Poof!


Finally if indeed Ouija boards are the work of the devil as many choose to believe can using a board game such as the kind made by Hasbro really conjure up some kind of entity capable of possessing someone or open a portal to the unknown which can’t be closed?  I’ve heard questionable accounts of how genuine Ouija boards have the power to hurt someone, gain access to their soul and numerous other wicked tales par for the course but then again it’s all hearsay.  Look at the countless movies which continue to be made and remade about Ouija boards and the effects they have on each person who’s ever come in contact with them.  They’re very intriguing and I enjoy watching them just as others do.  How about all the eerie anecdotes that go along with them?  Are any of them real or merely horse pucky?  “My friend’s sister was using a Ouija board with her friends when the planchette suddenly flew up in the air and slammed against the wall becoming imbedded in it.”  “My cousins were using a Ouija board when the planchette began going crazy spiraling all over then the board rose up and caught fire.”  As the embellished narratives are never-ending.  Funny how it’s always someone else it happened to but never the person telling the story.  Hmmm.


As for my take on Ouija boards I honestly don’t know whether there’s any truth behind the supposed spiritual spiels all of which lie inside a mystifying object set atop a uniquely inscribed wooden board game.  Then there’s the rules of how to get rid of a Ouija board from breaking it into seven pieces followed by sprinkling holy water on it and burying it or sprinkling salt on the board prior to disposing of it yet a person should never burn one out of fear that it may create a curse as the list and stories from people go on.  I do; however, believe that certain ones dating back as early as 100 years and/or whose planchettes are genuine crystal MAY hold immense powers no one wants unleashed.  Actually several years ago I came across not just a Ouija board but rather a Parker Brothers Glow in the Dark Ouija board on clearance I just couldn’t pass up.  It’s still sealed up and in the same bag placed neatly in the back of my closet.  Despite my misgivings regarding its authenticity I’m still hesitant about using it yet from time to time I have spontaneous urges to bust the bitch open.  Then reality along with trepidation sets in and it stays in its safe place.

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