Clearances and Closings

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No one likes a bargain more than me so when I found out that a particular Rite Aid was closing along with Sears I went to both and over the course of a week began getting deal after deal but once Rite Aid hit 90% I couldn’t get there fast enough.  I got quite a few deluxe hair and body products and felt like a prospector who’d just struck gold.  In fact, I wanted to scream “Eureka!” but decided to keep my newfound jubilance to myself.  


At Sears I got various items of clothing at 70% off and I’m stoked.  I’m saddened that both stores are closing but there’s no shortage of drug stores seeing that there’s at least one on every corner so when I see hella clearance items that low I simply can’t resist.  Especially when an item for $30.00 is selling for $3.00.  Let sheeple get ready to meet up, go to concerts or other places to welcome the weekend while foolishly taking pictures of themselves then posting for all to see.  I’m as content as can be while I sit on my bed watching real-life crime shows surrounded by all of the fabulous items I’ve purchased for a steal.        

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