Callous Inside and Out

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I was hoping to never see or hear about animal cruelty again but wouldn’t you know now that summer’s here people are once again lacking any common sense by leaving their pets inside their vehicles.  Today while running some errands at a grocery store a couple approached one of the managers and informed him that a dog was inside a car on a sweltering hot day and they were smart enough to took a picture of their license plate.  After two announcements were made with the owner nowhere in sight myself along with several others went out side and I was mortified to see a little poodle huffing and puffing on the passenger side of a car with all four windows rolled up with the exception the window opened a smidgeon.  I wanted to smash open the window because today was an exceptionally hot and humid day but by that time another passerby had called the police who were on their way.  


I went back inside and by the time I got off which was at least twenty minutes later the owner still hadn’t come out now making that poor dog stuck inside that stifling car for more than a half hour. Thankfully a policeman had arrived and now he, along with three other people including myself were standing around the one side of the car looking at this sweet dog not knowing what to do.  I’ve heard that if an animal is in danger of suffocating inside a vehicle then the window could be broken in order to save it but the policeman just stood there asking people who were walking past if that was their vehicle.  Great!  Meanwhile the dog was still panting as I felt helpless because nothing was being done. Just then a woman nonchalantly talking on her phone waltzes out and walks toward the car.  The policeman asked if it was her vehicle and she said yes while continuing to gab to whoever was on the other end of her cell.  He told her we were all concerned about the dog since it was so hot and the window was only opened a bit but she acted like it was no big deal.  I couldn’t frickin’ believe it!  She wasn’t at all thankful we were worried about the dog and even after she was told by several people including the officer about how dangerous it is to leave a pet inside a car on such a scorching day she actually laughed it off and said she did it all the time. How could someone so self-absorbed own a pet?


Thinking it would end there and the insensitively stupid bitch would get in her car, turn the air on for her sweet dog and leave after the police and others had gone I was still in my car which, when I got in only infuriated me more because of the sheer heat inside and what did she do?  Closed the car door after making it appear as if she was leaving and went back inside the store.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!!!  Was she really going back inside an air-conditioned store while her helpless poodle was still trapped inside that hot box of a car?  And I’m not referring to that of pot smoking.  Infuriated I wanted to go inside and grab that f#cking c*nt by her hair then drag her inside her trunk for several hours so she could know what it feels like.  Realizing I’d probably end up in the back of that same police officer’s squad car I decided to make another 911 call and fortunately while I was on the phone with the operator she came out with several bags in hand and left.


What the hell is wrong with people?  If it’s an exceptionally hot day out don’t leave your pet in the freaking car unless the air conditioning’s on and someone’s inside with him or her.  Better yet why not leave them home?  How stupid can people be? Obviously more than words can ever express!       

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