Breaking in Breakfast

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While it’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day it happens to be my least favorite.  When I was in elementary school I was forced into eating it but soon wised up by putting a few flakes in my cereal bowl and mixing some milk in it while no one was looking then would sit down and pretend to eat quickly so in case one of my parent’s came into the kitchen I’d say and show them I was done.  Even when I’d visit relatives I always woke up earlier than everyone else (age I guess) and would place a bowl mixed with a bit of milk and several flakes inside the sink w=so it would appear as if I’d already eaten.  That’s how much I detested eating in the morning because I’ve just never had an appetite that early.  Whenever my family goes out for breakfast or even brunch I refuse to go because I won’t eat that early in the day regardless as to whether they’re giving one free such as on one’s birthday.  Now dinner?  That’s my most favored meal.  


Almost two years ago I was hospitalized, of all days the day before my birthday and following this I began to eat something in the morning.  I refuse to consume cereal yet adore Pillsbury Toaster Strudels, cookies and various other types of food regardless whether or not they’re the most healthy.  I still despise eating breakfast yet force myself to which is why the title of this particular entry is spot-on in terms of how I feel towards the morning meal.  I’ve always found it strange; however, that I won’t eat cereal for breakfast yet occasionally have it as a snack at night.  Go figure.   

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