Beauty Regimen Anomaly

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Ever so often a particular fad or product will become the latest thing with many people following or trying it.  Such is the case with charcoal pertaining to skin care.  Up until recently I’d never known the correlation between charcoal and its use on one’s skin, hair or teeth but as the saying goes you learn something new every day or in my case when you least expect it.  From what I’ve read about charcoal it’s quite beneficial for skin and works well on oily skin by removing impurities.  It can also be used to whiten dark underarms and a soothing treatment for bug bites as well as a number of other advantages pertaining to the skin as it’s the newest product on the market and numerous companies are taking advantage of that from their professional packaging to nifty holiday sets.  My only question is do people really need to go out and spend $6.00 and up for a cleanser containing charcoal or can they be astute and just go out to their garage or wherever else they may have a bag a charcoal then simply get a piece and mix it in with their own facial moisturizer, mask, toothpaste or shampoo to achieve the same results as you would get from a store-bought brand?


After some research into this most interesting of questions I discovered that charcoal used to grill with is entirely different from that of beauty treatments as the ingredient needs to be activated charcoal powder which is formulated for the skin.  Glad I looked into this as I shudder to think of what could have happened if I’d combined a lump of charcoal with my face cream.


Since we’re on the subject of coal and Christmas is right around the corner this reminds me of one Christmas morning when I excitedly ran to the my stocking expecting to have a bunch of fun goodies only to find several lumps of coal joined in.  Thanks Santa.  





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