A Life Saved

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I have to write this because it’s a story about kindness.  Just two days ago I was and still am infuriated over the fact that a heedless female left her little poodle in her searing car with the windows open only a tad but today while sitting outside during lunch one of my co-workers had a goldfish in a bag and said she was the lucky one to take it home.  I was confused and so she explained how someone had left a goldfish in a plastic bag outside in 90 degree weather.  Fortunately a customer brought it inside and after no one claimed it an intern working with our company for the summer offered to take it home as she has an aquarium so the fishy could have not only a home but also friends.  I’m so elated because it restores my faith in humanity by showing that people really do care about living things and aren’t all evil.  She ended up naming the fish boil due to the fact of how it was found.  So fitting and a happy ending to what could have been dreadful.  My only question is who left the fish?  Since it was in a plastic bag it looked as if had just been purchased.  Why not just bring it inside where it’s cool instead of leaving it in the blazing sun?  At least 911 didn’t have to be called this time.



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