A Blessing of Sorts

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It’s funny how a simple phrase can be so significant to others.  Ever since I can remember whenever I would sneeze a member of my family would always say “God bless you” and I’d always say the same thing only my words were and still are “bless you.”  I never really thought much of it and in fact would sometimes get annoyed if I was doing something important or even watching television only to have to stop and say “bless you.”  The thing is that I’d only say it to my family and never gave it much thought whenever others would sneeze if I were out but that all changed several years ago while I was shopping.  I happened to sneeze, something I absolutely hate especially while engaging in conversation with someone when a woman said “God Bless You” which made me stop in my tracks as I was shocked someone had actually told me that.  I thanked them in a surprised voice and at that moment it not only showed me there’s still some humanity in the world I thought to myself from now on whenever someone sneezes, stranger or not I’ll say “bless you” unless of course they’re a jerk at which point I’ll say nothing.


While the word gesundheit is not part of my vocabulary some who aren’t particularly religious could always say that to a person having just sneezed but for some odd reason hearing someone say “Gesundheit” just doesn’t sound as genuine as hearing them say “God bless you.”  So the next time you hear someone say “Achoo!” those three or even two words could mean a world of difference to them. 

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