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Dreamcatcher and a Cross

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Since today is Friday the 13th what better time to write of two objects which are rarely associated with each other?  That is until now.  Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops” and created by American Indians, dreamcatchers are handmade crafts consisting of a round hoop (traditionally made with willow wood) that’s woven in a loose web of yarn and decorated with feathers or other type of various material such as beads, fringe, tassels and even bone just to name a few which hangs below the hoop.  They were hung above the beds to protect people sleeping, usually children from bad dreams and evil spirits.  Legends depicted that the spider web design of the dreamcatcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children while bad dreams would become caught in the web and as the first rays of the morning light hit the dreamcatcher the bad dreams would disappear.  


Whether or not there’s any validity to the folklore is anyone’s guess as children aren’t the only ones who have nightmares.  In fact,  I actually have a dreamcatcher which hangs not above but rather directly behind my bed yet I continue to have terrifying dreams but that may have something to do with the plethora of real-life crime shows I watch before going to sleep.  But who’s to say dreamcatchers’ only purpose is to ensure the person or people who slumber have pleasant dreams?  So I decided to hang another one made up of multi-colored beads intricately entwined into the web alongside a feather resembling that of a peacock in my car.  I must admit I fancy it and of all things the very next day I went to JC Penney to use my cherished $10.00 off of $10.oo coupon and as I rummaged around their Christmas clearance items I came across the most stunning cross adorned with lavender and dark purple gems.  Not only was it on clearance but there was an additional 20% off so the cross which had been priced at $30.00 ended up costing $2.60.  I was so thrilled with my newfound item I wanted to run up the nearest wall and do a backflip against it just as Tina Tech did in Flashdance but since I possess no aerobic skills whatsoever and didn’t want to be tackled by security I kept my euphoria under wraps.  I was also able to buy a blouse and headband also at a drastically reduced price and after my coupon the total came to an exhilarating $1.07.


Since my cross is so sparkly and eye-catching rather than keep it hidden in some drawer I decided to hang that in my car as well.  So I now have the most gleaming tricolored star shaped crystal consisting of pink, aquamarine and clear which hangs below my rear-view mirror, a dreamcatcher on the right side and a cross on the left.  All are visually appealing and while I don’t need any help from the dreamcatcher while driving hopefully having that cross will further protect me from the dangerous speed demons and absent-minded people consumed with whatever is on their phones which apparently takes precedence over focusing 100% of their attention on the road.  I can only imagine what St. Christopher, the patron saint for travelers must think when he looks down at the innumerable people texting, taking photos of themselves and the many other things they do on their cellular devices while behind the wheel.  




Most Memorable Holidate

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Not only did Valentine’s Day happen to fall on Ash Wednesday but the fact that April Fool’s Day is on, of all days Easter Sunday has me questioning whether or not the usual pranks which take place on this most mischievous day will still occur, will be less or possibly more.  April Fool’s Day for me is not as much about practical jokes as it is a sign of spring but for many this is the one day out of the year they can have a field day playing tricks on others.  But with it being Easter which is a huge day for family get-togethers I wonder whether relatives and friends will make time to pull off some amusing antics.  Probably so.


I’m sure countless Catholics who’ve abstained from eating any type of meat for the past six Fridays are especially looking forward to today’s/tonight’s festivities that is unless of course they’re vegetarians to begin with which won’t make a bit of difference.  What I’m really hoping for is if Peter Cottontale hippity hoppitied his furry ass to my front door with $100 million in his basket.  F*ck the chocolate I just want the lettuce and who better to give it to me than the Easter Bunny?                                                                                                   







P.S.  In my last entry several days ago titled Doggonit!  I described my deepest affection towards dogs and of all times about an hour prior to leaving for work I had my new tube of Covergirl lip gloss  which is glittery silver and sparkly beyond compare.  Apparently my dog thought so too since I heard him jump off my bed only to see my lip gloss clenched tightly between his teeth.  The more I tried to take it from him the more he growled and since I didn’t want to have my hand savagely attacked I gave him a piece of chicken and he finally let it go.  While the tube wasn’t punctured it had the cutest teeth marks embedded in it.  Of course at the time I was irate but thankfully I was able to exchange it for a new one.  When I handed it to the girl at the service counter and explained what had happened I felt like a student trying to use that famed expression  “The dog ate my homework” to their teacher only in this case my dog really did chew it as evident of the bite marks on the tube.  Speaking of that saying which has been used on teachers for years I’m sure it really has happened to people in that their dogs have gotten a hold of their homework or other assignments just like in the Motley Crue video “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” when the Doberman Pinscher really did eat his homework.  So what happens?  What must they do to prove to their instructors or in certain cases professors that their dog or other pet really destroyed their work?  Will the educator give them a break by believing them and offer them a chance to make up the assignment or would they think their intelligence was being insulted and flat out give the student a zero?  Not really sure but it’s rather thought-provoking, don’tcha think?  





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Several weeks ago I went to pick up my dog at the groomer.  She works out of her home and I feel more at ease bringing my pooch there as opposed to the other places we’ve gone.  When I went inside to get him he looked beyond beauteous and I smothered him with kisses.  As always.   I also saw the two other adorable dogs he’d been playing with but then I saw her.  The sweetest yellow lab puppy through the glass door sitting outside so adorable.  I wanted so badly to open that patio door, pick her up with one hand while holding the leash to my dog in the other then dart out the front door and peel the hell outta there.  Of course I didn’t but just seeing her made me want to take her home.


Then I discovered it wasn’t the groomer’s puppy as she was being trained to be a seeing eye dog.  The lady explained how she not only grooms and boards dogs but also trains them for a variety of purposes.  While I commended her on doing something so significant I was immediately hit with sorrow knowing that she’d soon have to give that loveable puppy-turned-dog to her owner and asked if it saddened her.  She told me it did but knows it’s part of the job.


As we left I felt so gloomy knowing once that lovable puppy got big enough and trained she’d be given up and despite her being a guide dog for someone in need which is quite estimable it made me realize how I could never do that.  I wouldn’t and simply couldn’t bring home someone so endearing then, when the time’s right give her or him to someone else.  I guess why I’m too emotional when it comes to things like this just as I could never breed dogs because I wouldn’t be able to part with any of the puppies regardless of the good homes/families they’d go to.  I just can’t do it.  I even find myself getting jealous of others when I see their dogs because I want him/her for myself.  This is also one of the reasons why I can’t ever have a calendar with puppies or dogs being the theme because they’re all so cuddly (nickname for my dog being Cuddles) and I’d want them all so seeing them would actually cause me sorrow so I just won’t.  Speaking of calendars my 2018 is of various barns throughout the country.  Often times while looking at it I’ll fantasize about living there among my many dogs and puppies while overlooking the ocean.  Other times I live in an opulent mansion with the dogs and puppies still overlooking the ocean.


Just writing this makes me want to go out and bring home a baby beagle, yellow Labrador and schnauzer in addition to about ten more various breeds and if I had that dream home I long for I would.  Unfortunately at this particular period of time I don’t but at least I have my one dog who I can’t love any possibly more and know one day, hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll have that home and puppies/dogs galore.

Barf Me Out

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Unlike my previous St. Patrick’s Day entries which are lighthearted this one, while still humorous is not at all about leprechauns nor pots of gold but rather how nauseated just the mere thought of eating the traditional meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes (at least in the states as in Ireland the long-established feast is made with lamb or bacon instead of corned beef and cabbage) makes me.  I can’t for the life of me understand why my family insists on serving that specific food on the same day year after year and we’re not even Irish!  While I’m not a big meat eater I can consume some such as fast-food cheeseburgers, cold cuts and the occasional turkey but that’s where it ends.  


Not only am I extremely finicky about certain types of food I’ll consume I also have a keen sense of smell whether it’s of someone’s perfume/cologne, foul breath or the putrid stench rancid food gives off which is exactly what I smell whenever corned beef, cabbage and potatoes are cooking.  I can and have literally felt my stomach turn within the first few whiffs and must always leave the room.  Now this is where it gets weird.  I can’t stand the odor of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes yet I can occasionally eat a Rueben sandwich since the meat is similar to that of cold cuts but sans the sauerkraut.  I’m not sure what the difference is between the two but the meat made in Rueben sandwiches that I can tolerate from time to time looks, smells and tastes entirely different than the one made with cabbage and potatoes.  Gag me with a spoon on that kind.  Fer shur.


All of this writing of corned beef has not only made me feel the need for two tablespoons of Pepto Bismol it’s also made me not want to eat meat for a very long time.  I haven’t for the past five Fridays due to Lent but today I’ll be having a very vegan dinner.  Whatever that may be.


*  Given this special day I kind of want to find a clover patch and search for one with four leaflets.  Then again even if I were to find one I doubt if it would bring me good luck at all as I’d probably pick a clover mixed with poison ivy.




Headin’ to the Wild West

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Being the quintessential 80sgirl that I am you’d think that I would have seen Young Guns followed by its equally successful sequel Young Guns II but I never had the interest in sitting through almost two hours of a western movie despite the all-star cast.  Some thirty years later; however, AMC is playing both and dammit I’m gonna watch them.  Strange how I never knew anything about Billy the Kid as I don’t even think we covered it in elementary, junior high or high school.  If we did I didn’t pay any attention which was the norm yet I learned more by watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure than I ever would have from some old text book or teacher.  Maybe I’ll be more enlightened by watching both movies.  As the Asia song goes “Only Time Will Tell.”  But I do have a keen interest in riding a horse at this particular time while blaring “Blaze of Glory.”  YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Au Revoir Music Videos

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I’m still trying to recover from this one.  Last night while watching I Want My 80’s on MTV Classic I began searching various channels and shows when I came to VH1.  It’s been at least two years since I’ve watched it due to the Top 20 Countdown being cancelled and as I kept going from one hour to the next all I saw were movies, ridiculous reality shows I’ve seen previews of on MTV Classic and reruns of television shows.  Where the hell were the music videos?  I searched straight into next Saturday and not one single hour had any music videos set to play.  For those unaware of this tidbit VH1 stands or at least stood for Video Hits 1 because the motherf*cking network played music videos.


I then began to search the internet to see if I was alone in thinking this but apparently I’m not as various websites have stated both VH1 as well as MTV no longer play music videos as they used to as they’ve now been replaced with what else but reality shows and many sites as well as forums have said that the demand to watch music videos has decreased since most people can simply go online to see them.  Horse pucky!!!!  But it really doesn’t affect me since I rarely listen to new artists and if I happen to hear a particularly catchy tune on the radio which sparks my interest I may try to listen to more songs from her, him or them.  If in fact I like it enough I’ll buy the CD as I recently ordered some from my most favorite website Amazon.com.


Just writing about how VH1 used to play music videos reminds me of years ago when they would play the Big 80’s which was a thirty minute show that aired music videos from the eighties and the History of Music Videos A to Z that played music videos from artists/groups that began with the letter A all the way until they got to the letter Z.  Usually two or three videos from one specific artist or group was played then they’d go on to the next.  It usually ran for about three days and mostly 80’s music videos were shown which I loved.  In fact I can remember them showing Paula Abdul’s picture who represented the A’s then ZZ Top who represented the Z’s and it was far out!!!!!  Now, more than twenty plus years later they’ve been replaced with completely scripted asinine shows from the most desperate wannabe stars working in an urban salon to wives or, in many cases former wives of celebrities whose narcissistic lives apparently peak many people’s interests to countless other crapola shows.  In fact since they no longer or rarely play music videos I think the channel should change its name to CTV which could stand for Crapola Television because that’s basically what the station’s become.  At least they still have MTV Classic so I can get my fix of videos at a time when music still meant something. 


Cafe Overflow

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There are no words to describe the sheer bliss I feel each and every time I drink a Venti White Chocolate Mocha containing two pumps of whatever flavored syrup I have a craving for that particular day from Starbucks.  Whether it’s a warm or hot day as I sit outside watching the rush of traffic and preoccupied passersby I relish in drinking my iced coffee in addition to going to the drive-thru which always uplifts my mood thus making my travels more pleasurable while pop songs from the eighties emit from the CD player.  


While I can’t get enough java there comes a point when I have to ask myself “How much is too much?” in regards to the number of Starbucks which continue to be built.  There’s practically one on every corner and then some!  Several weeks ago while running errands I noticed three Starbucks at separate shopping centers in addition to having one at the mall and if that’s not enough they’re in the process of making one at Target.  Five Starbucks within a mile of each other.  That’s ludicrous!  There are so many other places of business which the public could benefit from such as a 7-Eleven, Mexican/fast food restaurants particularly west coast style, specialty shops and even franchises that would be an asset to everyone but instead they keep on constructing Starbucks.  


I’ve tried and tried to comprehend the reasoning as to why there are more Starbucks now than ever before as more and more just keep popping up but still can’t.  At least whenever I have a thirst for a frou-frou coffee there’s a variety of locations to choose from.    

Endless Scenic Views

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I never realized this before but whenever I’d go on my computer and see the same desktop picture of a girl running on the beach  adjacent to a huge rock formation it was as blasé as could be.  I’d simply move my mouse since I rarely turn off the PC and that same mundane photo would be on the screen.  I’ve had my computer for more than a year and a half and I’ve changed the background design several times but the ones that were readily available were as lackluster as could be.  They weren’t eye-catching or inspiring in the least.  


It might not matter to everyone but many people want their screen setting to be appealing.  Whether it’s of a large body of water, a sunset, a voluptuous woman/well-built guy or a number of other attractive or, in some cases unattractive yet at the same time quite amusing images it’s important that the first thing you see once you turn on your computer is something you enjoy.  I was online earlier and after I closed the web browser and looked at the uninteresting picture I remembered how on my previous computer I had various backgrounds from waterfalls to nature and then it hit me!  Obtain great backdrops which is exactly what I did.  After downloading the application I’m now able to view majestic looking settings.  I adjusted it so that each day I’m greeted with a dazzlingly different picture.  As I stared at this particular wallpaper it was and is mesmerizing making me wish I was in that specific wondrous city.  Not sure which one since there was no information about it but I have a feeling it’s someplace such as Tokyo.  Now I totally feel donning a komono while listening to “Mr. Roboto.”


Now you be the judge.  What would you rather see this luminous photo or a frickin’ hydrangea?




Is There No End?

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I’ve never written three separate entries within the span of three days but due to yesterday’s unfathomable tragedy taken place at yet another high school I feel compelled to do so.  I hadn’t heard about the devastating events that unfolded until I’d gotten home from mass and saw it on the news.  My God what’s happening in this world?  I now feel like my parents when I say that things like this never happened when I was in school.  Kids bringing guns to school for what?  Anger?  Revenge?  I never thought heinous acts like this could occur but I was even more horrified upon learning that this is the eighteenth school shooting to happen this year.  What the f*ck?  Eighteen shootings at places where kids as well as adults go to receive an education in this country?  This is the reason why I rarely watch the news because of the atrocious crimes being committed worldwide.  I never thought I’d see the day when it would get to the point that metal detectors would be implemented in any type of school but when you’ve got kids bringing contraband that’s the outcome.  


The public as well as media outlets can try to assess the situation to the moon and back by blaming movies, television, video games, social media and any other source by which kids can view violence but there’s really no clear-cut answer for this.  When I was in school ADHD wasn’t mentioned but today you hear so many cases of it and the medication kids are taking for it.  Do they play a key role in adolescent’s deciding to shoot up a school?  Are they taking mind-altering drugs or are they suffering from (often times) an undiagnosed form of mental illness?  Then there’s the controversial topic of firearms in regards to whether or not there should be federal bans on them as this is most prevalent following a mass shooting.  There are numerous perspectives when looking at violence in schools and the contributing factors but is there an answer or a way to prevent another disaster like this from happening?  I don’t think there is.


How many times do kids who are angered say they want to kill someone?  Yet the following day they’re fine as if nothing happened.  What about people who pose with weapons or post ominous messages on their social media accounts?  If the police or F.B.I. were to investigate every one of these cases it not only would be futile many times there’s not enough hard evidence to prove somebody’s actually intent on harming others so it’s left alone.  Nobody knows what homicidal thoughts are racing through a person’s mind if they don’t say anything and many times if they do that person doesn’t take them seriously.  It’s easy to say afterward what could have or should have been done to prevent such a catastrophe but let’s face it if a person has a detailed plan of going on a murderous rampage and doesn’t say or do anything to anybody to cause alarm it’s not something that can be prevented.  Right now people will be talking about this most horrific of tragedies but as time goes by it will start to fade out of the spotlight just as all the other deadly shootings in the past have until another killing spree occurs.  But what can be done about it?  Again, it’s much easier said than done.    


These past two days have been beyond emotionally draining for me which is why I’m going to watch The Goonies as a way of temporarily escaping the realm of reality as I pray not only for the victims of this most senseless act but also for their family and friends.                                                               


Abstinence Unattainable

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While I’m pleased that I was able to not only receive ashes but to also attend mass last night someone brought up a relevant point that I’d completely forgotten about.  Giving something up for Lent.  I’ve tried several times in the past to forgo eating chocolate, my absolute weakness but by the third or forth day my indulgence for cocoa entirely takes over my abstention and I feel consumed with guilt.  Same thing goes for Starbucks coffee.  Last year I tried telling myself I could go forty-six days (the actual amount of days which begin on Ash Wednesday and last until Holy Saturday including the 6 Sundays) without it but by the second week my intense craving for White Chocolate Mocha overpowered my fasting and there went my religious observance.


So this year I decided to not even try to forbear from something I really enjoy in terms of edible substances since no matter how hard I try I always end up losing my willpower thus feeling remorseful afterward.  No more!  As long as I adhere to not eating meat every Friday until Easter Sunday which I probably won’t anyway, attend church and don’t commit any mortal sins which I have no intention of doing then I think I’m OK.  At least I hope so. 


Now that Lent is this particular of topics I question whether or not people who refrain from something they truly enjoy during Lent such as smoking or giving up sweets can really last the duration or give up after a certain amount of time due to extreme hankering of their weakness such as myself.  For some it’s easy to restrain themselves from what they take pleasure in be it drinking alcohol, watching television or even swearing and I commend them for that but for someone like me it’s almost impossible since I have an absolute sweet tooth which coincides with me drinking my coffee from Starbucks.  I know for a fact that many people who give up something for Lent won’t be able to follow through for the entire time due to their strong desire for what they’ve been depriving themselves of whether it’s food, nicotine, social media or a multitude of other things they have an extreme affinity for.  And if you really think about it what’s going to happen if someone can’t or doesn’t desist from something?  Are they going to be struck down as form of punishment?  Better yet what about those who do in fact give up what they really like?  Are good things going to come to them as a result?  Well, maybe but at least I feel a tad better now.