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Duking it Out

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I just saw something so side-splittingly funny (though others might not agree) on the news I just had to share it.  At a daycare center in St. Louis there’s a video showing toddlers (faces blurred of course) wearing Hulk fists as boxing gloves actually fighting each other.  It’s literally a daycare fight club.  This was one of the only times in history where I watched the news in anticipation because I wanted to see 3 and 4-year-olds beating each other up.  One of the kids filmed the pee-wee boxing match on his iPad when he realized his younger brother was involved in it and was crying due to being hurt.  While the thrown punches occurred almost two years ago it’s something I’ve never seen before but I was laughing so hard my stomach is still in pain.  The reason for this most entertaining of sports having occurred is because the heater in one of the rooms upstairs broke so the teachers brought the kids downstairs and to occupy the preschoolers they busted out a pair of Hulk toy fists and encouraged the kids to begin throwing punches.  It actually showed one of the two teachers, who I highly doubt was valedictorian of her class jumping up and down in jubilance after a boy threw jab after jab at another boy.  That’s the way kids should be taught.  If I were there I would have been the referee and made sure each and every one of those tots learned the true meaning of the word wallop not just some. 


Initially, the two daycare workers were fired from Adventure Learning Center which is still operating but no charges were brought against the two.  Due to the media coverage surrounding the story it sparked outrage in the community, especially among parents of the children in the class resulting in an online petition that was started where thousands of people asked that charges be brought against both females as they now face one felony count of endangering the welfare of a child.  When asked why this type of barbaric behavior occurred one of the teachers said the children were bored and ran out of things to do.  Well that makes sense then.  Not only was once child crying, another had his head punched into the floor while a third actually had the common sense to try to break it up but to no avail.  At least we know when we pay school taxes kids are learning something after all which may account for the daycares’ name. 


Maybe if I were a parent I’d feel differently, actually I probably would but it’s so ludicrous to see that daycare workers actually encouraged little kids to fight with toy fists because they thought they’d be bored and wouldn’t have anything to do in a different room than they were used to being in.  Forget games or stories lets bring out the Hulk gloves and start mini-brawling.  I can’t be outraged because just seeing those kids punching each other is beyond hilarious.  I’m sorry but it is.  I know one thing though.  The mother of the children, one of whom was beaten and the other who had the intelligence to record the entire outrageous fiasco is going to make this daycare pay literally since she filed a lawsuit against the daycare center for more than $25,000.    


I wish they would have done this when I was in high school and had all the kids I disliked clobbering each other.  At least it would have made school both entertaining and educating for me.



Getting Baked in the Desert

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What better a way to enter the month of November than to open not only another but the world’s largest marijuana dispensary in where else but Viva Las Vegas?!?!  I grew up there and the last time I visited was almost twenty years ago but it’s still hard to believe they’re actually selling pot like candy which they actually do as edible cannabis.  Yummy!  When we moved I was four months shy of turning 21, the legal age limit and I still can’t believe how entirely different laws have become.  You can literally walk into one of the many marijuana dispensaries throughout Las Vegas and as long as you show them a valid drivers license the pot possibilities are endless.  I’m blown away.  Whether it’s used as medicinal or recreational purposes, which I think is the more prevalent people can simply walk in, purchase no more than an ounce of reefer then as long as they find a safe place to smoke, ingest or whatever other means they use to get high they happily can.  I was also shocked to discover that cash is usually the only means of payment since pot remains illegal under federal law and therefore major credit card networks won’t allow merchants to use their cards for marijuana purchases.  So another words you can buy grass legally if you’re of age but you can’t pay with a credit card due to the illegality of it.  WOW!!!!!    


I’m new to all this as I’ve never smoked pot in my life and have no intention of doing so since I hate inhaling anything but I have to admit I’m rather curious about various products infused with marijuana such as gummies or chocolate.  Now if I were to indulge in pot edibles I’d not only be home with every single door locked I’d also be in my pajamas since I’d be lying on my bed anyway, possibly under the covers while getting my first high.  That way if I do start to trip I won’t have to worry about where I am or where I’ll end up.  But since I’ve never tried any illegal substance yet I don’t really need to start now. 


I realize that people have different views and beliefs regarding the topic of legalizing marijuana with many justifying that dispensaries are much safer than buying off of someone which I tend to agree with.  But I’m still reeling over the fact that one could walk into a weed dispensary and walk out with enough to get blitzed.  Further reaffirming why Las Vegas is also known as Sin City.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A Night of Potions, Spells and Magic

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Not only is today my favorite date of the entire year I’m also on vacation, in my jammies and will be for the entire day and possible week.  It seems like the older I get the more I enjoy Halloween.  I’m about as much of an introvert as you can get as I dislike crowds and loathe parties immensely which is I’ll be home watching movies and shows all pertaining to horror and haunted everything.  I hope we get lots of trick-or-treaters since dressing up in one’s favorite costume while going door-to-door and collecting candy and gum is the most fun.  Gotta go whip up a batch of Witch’s Brew.     



 P.S.  If I had interchanged the words in my title to A Night of Potions, Magic and Spells the first initials of the last three words would have spelled PMS so technically speaking for many it is a night of PMS.                                      

Stirring the Cauldron

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These are the only words which come to mind upon reading about a group called the Halloween & Costume Association, also known as the Halloween Industry Association who started an online petition titled the “Saturday Halloween Movement” directly addressed to President Trump which thousands of people (consisting mostly of parents who apparently have nothing better to do with their time) have already signed in order to move Halloween, a holiday that dates back to more than 2,000 years ago to the last Saturday of October stating asinine reasons such as injuries sustained to children, safety precautions not properly taken and other ridiculous claims I can’t believe even made it online much less became a petition to the President of the United States.  Dear God what’s happening to this country?  


Why don’t they do what other parents do by taking their child/children trick-or-treating early so they’ll have enough time to get their goodies and not feel cheated?  If parents don’t want to take their kids out trick-or-treating due to it being a school night or because they have to work the following morning then they shouldn’t do it.  Let them simply go to the bulk food section of their local grocery store, grab a bagful of candy and hand it to their kids.  Voila and Happy Halloween but don’t try to destroy a most celebrated holiday for many (including me) for the plain and obvious fact that you want to be heard and feel important in your monotonous lives.    


If we celebrated Halloween on the last Saturday of the month it would defeat all purposes of having parties as well.  That’s why having it on the last day of the month makes it worthwhile to enter November the next day.  Who the hell wants to do that on a Saturday only to have more days in the month?  But lately it seems like all people have to do is complain, especially when it comes to racial issues and rules including holidays instantaneously change.  Maybe another organization of idiots should try to have St. Patrick’s Day changed to the last Saturday of March so people enjoying the festivities a bit too much could have the following day to recover from their extreme hangovers.  Seeing that President Trump is running this entire turmoil-filled country does he honestly need this newest snafu?  just hope this most recent of motions becomes disregarded as the foolish nonsense it really is and Halloween remains the same as it’s been for years.




Kooky Beliefs or Geniune Fear?

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What better a time to write of the many superstitions certain people believe or rather choose to believe than the month of October?  If a black cat crosses a person’s path from right to left it indicates a bad omen, one should never walk under a ladder, if a person accidentally spills some salt they must immediately toss a pinch over his or her left shoulder, into the face of the Devil who lurks there and many other myths which are not only intriguing they pose the question regarding whether or not there’s any validity to them or if they’re nothing more than fallacy.  


Take mirrors for example.  Legend has it that if you break a mirror then seven years of bad luck will follow but if that’s true most people will be cursed for years to come.  Think about it, compacts that accidentally get dropped thus shattering, large mirrors being carried or that are hung then accidentally drop or fall as countless shards disperse everywhere and many other ways they can easily break.  Is that really gonna cause the person who dropped it to endure seven long years of bad luck?  Hell, I’ve lost track of the number of compacts or small mirrors I’ve broken and if that old wives’ tale is really true then I guess I’ll be cursed for the rest of my life.  This is how my entries are so unlike others.  Seeing that I’m writing on the topic of mirrors and that I’m 80sgirl4ever I feel the need to note the fact that every single time I see a mirror or even say/hear the word the song “Mirror Mirror” by the iconic Diana Ross instantly comes to mind.  


Next is the penny misconception which I’ve always thought was foolish in that you should only pick up a penny if the heads are showing and a penny with the tails up should be turned over for another person to find and there’s actually a rhyme that goes “Find a penny pick it up.  All day long you’ll have good luck.”  Yet other people feel that any kind of penny is good luck for them.  Horse pucky!  If I see a penny on the floor or ground I could care less what it says I’m not touching it.  With my luck I were to pick either side up I’d probably pinch a nerve or pull a muscle in my back which would promptly become bad luck.  And as for the part of someone picking it up and turning it over for it to be heads so another person can pick it up is completely idiotic.  I can just see someone bending down to pick up a penny and turning it over to bring someone else luck followed by him or her feeling a great pain in their chest which could be the onset of a heart attack thus proving the accuracy of the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished.”  Penny that!  


Now to the all-time urban legend called the 27 Club which is a list of musicians, actors or other famous people who’ve all died at the budding age of 27, though skeptics continue to debunk that notion.  Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all died at 27 years old.  At the time due to their wild, rock star lifestyles the public deemed their deaths coincidental but it wasn’t until 1994 when Kurt Cobain who also happened to be 27 died that the term “27 Club” began to gain notoriety.  Now fast forward t0 2011 when Amy Winehouse died at that same daunting age of 27 which only added speculation to the ongoing rumors circulating.  Yet while the media consisting of television shows, magazines and the internet has turned this into something of a legend due to artists having died at the same age there’s never been any scientific proof that it’s anything more than a coincidence.  Furthermore, what each and every person in this so-called 27 Club have in common is that they did not die of natural causes.  Drugs, alcohol and/or prescription painkillers all played a pivotal role in their untimely deaths.  Yet that still hasn’t deterred the rumors which have only gotten more compelling over the years which makes for great T.V. shows, films, articles and conversation pieces similar to that of conspiracy theories which, ironically enough has continued to surround the death of Kurt Cobain in regards to whether or not he did indeed commit suicide or was in fact murdered.  


Despite peoples’ opinions/views there’s really no way to prove or disprove this unsupported claim but in my opinion there is no curse or anything else associated with the age of 27 other than the fact that all six of these people lived hard and partied harder like the rock stars they were.  It just so happened to be that they were all the same age so I think it’s safe to say if one leads a reckless-free life without abusing any type of illegal or prescription drugs they’ll live beyond the age of 27.  So another words the entire idea that a Club 27 exists is nothing but a fabricated rumor created and built up by the media as the topic is still as popular today as it was when it first originated.  Maybe even more.    


Lastly is the one superstition I wholeheartedly believe in, fear and always adhere to whenever I feel it necessary which is to knock on wood in order to ward off any evil spirits or bad luck.  Knocking on wood is done by wrapping one’s knuckles on a piece of wood, usually three times.  The origin is derived from the fact that wood and trees have good spirits in mythology.  Apparently it was considered good luck to tap trees in order to let the wood spirits within you know you were there.  According to pagan belief evil spirits inhabited wood and if someone was hoping for something good to happen to them they needed to touch or knock on wood in order to prevent the spirits from hearing their wish and thus averting it from coming true.  


It’s also interesting that in the states we use the term “knock on wood” whereas in Britain, Australia and Ireland they say “touch wood.”  While there are many superstitions people have which may include wearing a particular piece of clothing or jewelry or doing something some may consider to be eccentric this particular belief is one I absolutely will not f*ck with in regards to preventing any evil spirits from making their way towards me.  For example, if I’m speaking with someone and tell him or her that I’ve never been stung by a bee you damn well better believe I’m gonna immediately find some type of wood to knock on be it the floor, a door or even our shed if I have to race outside in the blistering cold come hell or high water I’ll be knock, knock, knocking away.  Otherwise I’d soon end up getting stung not by a bee but by a nest of hornets resulting in me going to the emergency all due to not following my most feared superstition.  


*  Maybe that’s why Amii Stewart sang that very popular disco song “Knock on Wood.”  

To Tell or Not to Tell?

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While shocktober is my favorite month of the year and all I do is write of and watch spooky things throughout the month, due to the Mega Millions jackpot now at a whopping 1.6 billion while the Powerball is $620 million I did something I only do once a year on my birthday in that I bought a lottery ticket along with millions of other people since we all have that same improbable dream of winning.  Of course I know I won’t win as it will be somebody else or a group of others as is the story of my life but it had me pondering something quite relevant.  Now you hear many people joke that if they were to win the lotto they wouldn’t bother going back to work since they obviously wouldn’t need to and while I’m sure this has happened more times than I can even count I’m curious as to how many people would spread the word about the fact that they were now the overjoyed owner of millions of dollars as opposed to those who would simply keep it to themselves?


Now we’ve all seen movies, television shows and read the many stories of what can happen when someone wins the lottery.  Not only do their lives change immensely it also opens the portal to the besieging of phone calls and visits to their home from just about everyone they know along with others they don’t in hopes of getting a piece of the pie.  I so wish I were watching The Jeffersons as every time I hear that phrase I think of the theme song.  Relatives they haven’t seen or heard from in years, friends they haven’t thought of in years and numerous others all wanting a handout with their brazen sense of entitlement.   


They all have their hands out with sob stories and before you know it you’re life is a complete catastrophe.  The media wants to interview you, charities are bombarding you via your phone, email and even front door and before you know it you think of how much better your life was before you even won that damn lottery.  The show The Lottery Changed My Life depicts both the positive and negative aspects of what can happen when a person wins it as often times they spend beyond their means resulting in them going through all their winnings or they make other foolish mistakes and within a few years they’re back in the same financial situation as they were prior to winning.  Before long many of these winners wish they wouldn’t have won at all or realize they would have been better off keeping their mouths shut about the entire thing.  They’re even at risk for being kidnapped and held for ransom or even robbed all due to the enormous fortune they’ve now acquired often times resulting in tragedy.  Sure hope blabbing to everyone was worth it.


As for me?  If I were fortunate or blessed enough to win several hundred million dollars as the person (people) who wins the Mega Millions and decided to take a lump sum no one would know a frickin’ thing other than three of my family members being my parents and my dog.  I’d still go to work like any other day, continue to drive the car I’ve had for almost fourteen years and act as if nothing had changed.  I would; however, take a week-long vacation about a month later, find and buy my lifelong dream mansion on the beach (where no natural disasters would destroy it) along with setting my parents up for life then I’d return to work followed by giving my two week notice which would seem more plausible since I’d just returned home after being gone for a week making it appear as if I’d gone out of state looking for a job I’d lie about being hired for.  No one and I mean no one would ever suspect that I came into beaucoup bucks and therefore wouldn’t bother me.  I’d then live happily ever after and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone and everyone wanting to be my friend/favorite relative in a desperate attempt at my sudden, vast wealth. 




Goblins, Candy and Much More

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While I bid adieu to summer I can’t help but feel excitement about the fact that October is my most favorite month.  Despite stores displaying Halloween items in September I refuse to think about anything associated with the spookiest holiday until we’re in the month of October which we now are.  While I’m not into going to haunted houses or other terror-filled locations I relish in watching horror movies as well as ghostly expeditions but while I’m home and in my jammies.  


Am I the only one who thinks trick-or-treating shouldn’t strictly be designated for children and adults should be able to partake in the festivities of walking door to door whilst collecting goodies?  Possibly.  YAY!!!!!  Now I can take out all my Halloween items I got last year on clearance and display them!


Heart and Sole

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Rarely do I ever feel bad about throwing an article of clothing away since I’m not attached to any of my attire but when it comes to various pairs of shoes it’s often quite difficult to get rid of them.  Such is the case with my Nike’s which I’ve had for more than a year.  The second I saw them I knew they were for me and the fact that they fit even better than Cinderella’s magical glass slipper validated it.  They were so comfy especially since I’m always on my feet and I was really hoping they’d last for at least several years.


Unfortunately my wish didn’t come true since over time I began noticing the stitching unraveling towards the upper part of both shoes.  I hoped that would be the extent of my shoes’ wear and tear but it wasn’t as today I saw more and more weathering which was a tell-tale sign to bid a sorrowful adieu to my reliable and beautiful Nike’s.  While I got a new pair of Puma’s which are totally fabulous I still feel gloomy that I had to let go of my Nikey’s.  




A Blessing of Sorts

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It’s funny how a simple phrase can be so significant to others.  Ever since I can remember whenever I would sneeze a member of my family would always say “God bless you” and I’d always say the same thing only my words were and still are “bless you.”  I never really thought much of it and in fact would sometimes get annoyed if I was doing something important or even watching television only to have to stop and say “bless you.”  The thing is that I’d only say it to my family and never gave it much thought whenever others would sneeze if I were out but that all changed several years ago while I was shopping.  I happened to sneeze, something I absolutely hate especially while engaging in conversation with someone when a woman said “God Bless You” which made me stop in my tracks as I was shocked someone had actually told me that.  I thanked them in a surprised voice and at that moment it not only showed me there’s still some humanity in the world I thought to myself from now on whenever someone sneezes, stranger or not I’ll say “bless you” unless of course they’re a jerk at which point I’ll say nothing.


While the word gesundheit is not part of my vocabulary some who aren’t particularly religious could always say that to a person having just sneezed but for some odd reason hearing someone say “Gesundheit” just doesn’t sound as genuine as hearing them say “God bless you.”  So the next time you hear someone say “Achoo!” those three or even two words could mean a world of difference to them. 

Major Eye-Opener

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No one wants to live on the beach more than me.  Ever since we visited Santa Monica when I was six years old and swam in the waves I was hooked.  All I wanted was to live not by or close to but rather right on the beach.  The problem is that it takes an enormous amount of money in order to do that.  While California has some of the most beautiful beaches the state is too pretentious and expensive for me which is why for years I’ve longed and fantasized about living in one the Carolinas or Virginia Beach.  While I despise the snow which is prevalent in the state of New York one thing many people say is that regardless of the cold and snow we are safe from natural disasters which are plaguing many states lately and it is true.  During wintertime we have a vast amount of snow and bone-chilling weather but at least we don’t have to worry about a hurricane blowing through.  I can’t even begin to think of the utter hell I’d go through if my home was destroyed all due to Mother Nature or some other mother in this case.  The thought of losing all my belongings is too much to even fathom and I shutter to think of the people who were forced to leave many of their worldly possessions behind due to this most recent of horrific catastrophes.  


This most quintessential fantasy I’ve had for years of living on a beautiful, desolate and safe beach has been completely destroyed similar to the homes, places of business and other areas in the specific southern states.  It’s terrifying because it seems like with each passing year more and more natural calamities are occurring and I’m beginning to realize people may be (and probably are) right about the dangers of living by the water.  While my life-long dream hasn’t changed I just want to make certain if I ever am able to live in a home right by the beach that it’s free of anything treacherous as once again fantasy creeps in.  I just pray for everyone afflicted by Hurricane Florence and wish all these tragedies caused by Mother Earth would come to an end.