When Will They Learn?!?!?!?!

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Just when I thought a remake couldn’t get any possibly worse twenty-nine years after Adventures in Babysitting premiered Disney up and modified it by way of a made-for-television movie proving that films, especially from the 80’s are timeless and need to be left the hell alone.  Adventures in Babysitting is one of my all-time favorite films despite the echoed criticism it’s received over the years.  The storyline is unique as well as quite entertaining  which is why I never get tired of watching it.  Why then did reform it?


Initially I had zero interest in viewing the film but seeing that it was on several days ago I figured I’d watch it.  I also tried very hard not to be judgmental which, I must admit is rather difficult.  After it was over it further validated that revamped movies are never as good as their predecessors.  From the very beginning of the film so many things varied from the original such as the plot where the premise of the first movie was about a babysitter watching three kids but is forced to take them along with one of their friends into the city of Chicago to rescue her friend who’s run away resulting in a night of absolute yet amusing chaos whereas the T.V. movie is about not one but two babysitters watching a bunch of kids only to be forced to go get one of the kids who’s accidentally run away into the city alone. I realize many changes were made from the theatrical version to the television movie such as modernizing it so as not to be a carbon-copy from the first film but the differences from the number of kids being babysat to having another babysitter and more kids totaling seven kids running around the city in one harebrained situation after another was so ludicrous I found myself looking at my DVR’s clock in hopes for it to soon end.  Despite some of the similarities both movies shared such as the last name of the family being Anderson and some others I can’t and really don’t care to remember it was a complete waste of almost two hours.  Though I do actually like the cover of the new movie which is almost identical to the first.  


Maybe if I had never seen the 1987 flick I would have been more open to this most recent one but instead all I did was compare everything from both movies which is why it was a big disappointment.  Now for people, especially kids who may have never seen the first movie they’ll probably enjoy it.  I will admit the one scene from the television movie which had both babysitters battling it out in a club was quite diverting as it mirrored the scene from the first film when all the kids walked out on stage at the blues club and Kris was forced to sing along with them in order to leave.  Other than that I have to give it a two thumbs down.  


Also, in the original film when the kids got on the subway and were about to be in midst of a fight between two rival gangs the absolute best line not only in the movie but quite possible in any is “Don’t f*ck with the Lords of Hell!” followed by “Don’t f#ck with the babysitter!”  Take that Disney!  It also made me want to hop on a metro bound for Chicago that very instant.     








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