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Of the countless beauty items both shelved and online I have to admit the two which really deserve recognition are dry shampoo and moisturizer applied to wet skin as both are innovative products. Let’s begin with the convenience dry shampoo has to offer.  One thing I really hate having to do is wash my hair.  From the entire process  of bending my head down deep into the sink since I rarely wash it in the shower to wetting then shampooing it twice followed by conditioning it or, depending on my mood using a leave-in conditioner I loathe it so much I’ve often found myself enraged and wish my hair could stay clean forever.  I simply despise washing my hair yet it has to be done.  


Dry shampoo; however, has changed everything about the way I cleanse my hair.  While one’s hair and scalp doesn’t get nearly as clean as it does when washed with shampoo it’s a hell of a lot easier to simply spray the product all over my hair then run my fingers through it and be done as opposed to wetting and washing it.  I’ve lost track of the times I’ve literally had no stamina to wash me hair and instead just sprayed the fragrant potion all over my head for semi-clean, fresh hair.  Whoever designed this substance is a genius!


The second and equally effective product is moisturizer used on wet skin.  What a brilliant conception!!!  Unlike most body lotions or creams which are applied to dry skin this most recent of skincare gems works its magic on skin that’s still wet which actually absorbs better making it softer. Prior to this I’d use body oil on wet skin after showering but now can interchange both along with continuing to use various lotions which has given me more supple skin and a happier outlook on life.  


Who knows?  I might just say “F*ck it!” and altogether stop washing my hair thus opting to use dry shampoo for the rest of my life.  On second thought, maybe not.

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