Home Renovation=Total Aggravation

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I’ve completely lost track of the times I’ve searched the channel guide only to find some do-it-yourself show about restoring homes, RV’s, boats and anything else that can demonstrate people’s remodeling skills.  I realize programs like this are extremely helpful for those who are interested in fixing up their own properties or to just get ideas on how to refurbish things but as many times as I’ve tried watching a single segment of any of these numerous sought-after shows on cable I can only watch it for a few minutes until I get so annoyed I’m forced to change the channel.  


From the constant hammering to the destruction of walls, ripping out floors, fixtures and other necessary tasks followed by the installation of brand-new or slightly used items and everything else in between is just too much physical labor to endure watching.  It seems like now more than ever people are purchasing properties either for themselves, to rent out, as a fixer upper or for any other reason.  I know that the buying and selling of properties can be lucrative but at the same time extremely demanding from the extensive work to both the time and cost involved.  It’s also not a sure guarantee to make a profit though countless people do this for a living and are quite prosperous as a result.  


The problem is that not everyone possesses the skills needed in order to succeed with buying and selling properties including myself.  The extent of my handiwork is using a battery powered drill correctly. Of the few times I’ve been able to watch these reality revamped shows and see all these dilapidated homes ready to fall apart at any second followed by all the painstaking work required I can actually feel my anxiety becoming heightened.  And I’m on the frickin’ couch!!!  I could never have the dexterity nor patience to get involved in such a time-consuming project regardless of how much money could be made.  I just can’t do it.  The closest I would come to remodeling a house would consist of me driving a bulldozer over the entire dwelling for a brand-new home to be reconstructed.  The newest phrase may be to flip homes but my suitable motto would be to “Flip this flippin’ house” and believe me it has nothing to do with making a profit.


I realize that many people purchase run-down houses for a good price then fix them up for themselves to live in but when I buy a home I don’t want to be Ms. Fix It.  No demolishing this or replacing that and a tool belt sure as hell won’t be any part of my ensemble.  I want all the amenities ready for me to be able to move right in.  Now all I need are several hundred thousand dollars for that home and I’m good to go!

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