Grody to the Max Yet Hysterical Beyond Words

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Seeing that I’m 80sgirl4ever the title of this particular entry is not only totally 80’s esque it’s more than appropriate in regards to certain commercials airing on television as well as online. I’m sure by now most people have seen both or at least one of the commercials for V.I.Poo where the glammed up actress is attending a movie premiere followed by her entering the ladies room at which point she begins describing in detail how, prior to relieving oneself a person can plentifully spray the product directly into the toilet bowl to eliminate any stench thus releasing a delightful fragrance which, in my opinion is sickening yet hilarious.  From the picture of what she refers to as “Devil’s Doughnuts” inside the toilet bowl to the director going into the bathroom right after the actress leaves only to gesture his hand back and forth in order to get whiff of what scent was left behind while smiling is highly entertaining.  Pure Hollywood!  While the concept is so gross I’m quite certain the television advertisement continues to make people laugh including myself and further validates how toilet humor will always be funny.  


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better several weeks ago I was in the cleaning supply aisle of a grocery store and happened upon a small spray bottle with the words Unicorn Gold on it.  Apparently the company which makes it is called Squatty Potty which, along with the words before-you-squat spray are also written on the bottle.  The product Squatty Potty could be an entire blog by itself pertaining to its own purpose but this one is strictly for toilet spritzes.  Unicorn Gold is essentially the same things as V.I.Poo since, as with most products when one company creates something another one hurriedly markets a carbon copy in hopes of being as or more successful.  I don’t know which one launched first. Don’t care either but I do know that after I viewed their commercial on YouTube I won’t ever be able to look at a rainbow without thinking of the product. Unlike V.I.Poo which combines toilet humor with the pretentiousness of being a celebrity Unicorn Gold is set in a faraway magical kingdom while a handsome prince illustrates how the product works as several adorable animated unicorns begin releasing their multi-colored bodily functions in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of Unicorn Gold.  It’s cute yet crude at the same time.  Love it!!!!!  But it doesn’t end there as another scene shows a duchess sitting on the toilet or in this case her throne while explaining how Unicorn Gold has changed the way she now goes to the bathroom. While the names of each spray are quite comical my favorite is Fruity Booty.  I now wish I had my own pet unicorn. 


Last but not least this product appropriately titled Poo-Pourri is my absolute favorite simply because their viral video titled How to Poop at a Party is side-splitting and vulgar as hell about a girl who’s having dinner with her boyfriend and his family yet desperately needs to use the bathroom located inside a telephone booth directly behind the table. The video offers three options as to what the girl should do from from using an aerosol after she’s done to going outside in the bushes or using P00-Pourri before she goes.  Their other commercials are equally comical as well as descriptive and it’s no wonder I’ve never seen them air on television and probably won’t.


Now I admit all three commercials are wildly entertaining and I can watch them over and over again as I’m sure others have but in all honesty was it really necessary to create a product like this?  The purpose of all three toilet sprays is to make one’s pooh smell nice while they’re going to the bathroom which is not only disgusting it’s really pointless.  Why don’t people just wait until they’re finished so they could use an aerosol or some other type of air freshener to simply and subtly spray the entire area instead of inside the fricken’ toilet bowl? You know this never would have been devised years ago only reaffirming how etiquette is literally going down the crapper.




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