Cafe Overflow

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  There are no words to describe the sheer bliss I feel each and every time I drink a Venti White Chocolate Mocha containing two pumps of whatever flavored syrup I have a craving for that particular day from Starbucks.  Whether it’s a warm or hot day as I sit outside watching the rush of traffic and preoccupied passersby I relish in drinking my iced coffee in addition to going to the drive-thru which always uplifts my mood thus making my travels more pleasurable while pop songs from the eighties emit from the CD player.     While I can’t get enough java there comes a point when I have to ask myself “How much is too much?” in regards to the number of Starbucks which continue to be built.  There’s practically one on every corner and then some!  Several weeks ago while running errands I noticed three Starbucks at separate shopping centers in addition to having one at the mall and if that’s not enough they’re in the process of making one at Target.  Five Starbucks within a mile of each other.  That’s ludicrous!  There are so many other places of business which the public could benefit from such as a 7-Eleven, Mexican/fast food restaurants particularly west coast style, specialty shops and even franchises that would be an asset to everyone but instead they keep on constructing Starbucks.     I’ve tried and tried to comprehend the reasoning as to why there are more Starbucks now than ever before as more and more just keep popping up but still can’t.  At least whenever I have a thirst for a frou-frou coffee there’s a variety of locations to choose from.  ...

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Endless Scenic Views

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I never realized this before but whenever I’d go on my computer and see the same desktop picture of a girl running on the beach  adjacent to a huge rock formation it was as blasé as could be.  I’d simply move my mouse since I rarely turn off the PC and that same mundane photo would be on the screen.  I’ve had my computer for more than a year and a half and I’ve changed the background design several times but the ones that were readily available were as lackluster as could be.  They weren’t eye-catching or inspiring in the least.     It might not matter to everyone but many people want their screen setting to be appealing.  Whether it’s of a large body of water, a sunset, a voluptuous woman/well-built guy or a number of other attractive or, in some cases unattractive yet at the same time quite amusing images it’s important that the first thing you see once you turn on your computer is something you enjoy.  I was online earlier and after I closed the web browser and looked at the uninteresting picture I remembered how on my previous computer I had various backgrounds from waterfalls to nature and then it hit me!  Obtain great backdrops which is exactly what I did.  After downloading the application I’m now able to view majestic looking settings.  I adjusted it so that each day I’m greeted with a dazzlingly different picture.  As I stared at this particular wallpaper it was and is mesmerizing making me wish I was in that specific wondrous city.  Not sure which one since there was no information about it but I have a feeling it’s someplace such as Tokyo.  Now I totally feel donning a komono while listening to “Mr. Roboto.”     Now you be the judge.  What would you rather see this luminous photo or a frickin’ hydrangea?    ...

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Is There No End?

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I’ve never written three separate entries within the span of three days but due to yesterday’s unfathomable tragedy taken place at yet another high school I feel compelled to do so.  I hadn’t heard about the devastating events that unfolded until I’d gotten home from mass and saw it on the news.  My God what’s happening in this world?  I now feel like my parents when I say that things like this never happened when I was in school.  Kids bringing guns to school for what?  Anger?  Revenge?  I never thought heinous acts like this could occur but I was even more horrified upon learning that this is the eighteenth school shooting to happen this year.  What the f*ck?  Eighteen shootings at places where kids as well as adults go to receive an education in this country?  This is the reason why I rarely watch the news because of the atrocious crimes being committed worldwide.  I never thought I’d see the day when it would get to the point that metal detectors would be implemented in any type of school but when you’ve got kids bringing contraband that’s the outcome.     The public as well as media outlets can try to assess the situation to the moon and back by blaming movies, television, video games, social media and any other source by which kids can view violence but there’s really no clear-cut answer for this.  When I was in school ADHD wasn’t mentioned but today you hear so many cases of it and the medication kids are taking for it.  Do they play a key role in adolescent’s deciding to shoot up a school?  Are they taking mind-altering drugs or are they suffering from (often times) an undiagnosed form of mental illness?  Then there’s the controversial topic of firearms in regards to whether or not there should be federal bans on them as this is most prevalent following a mass shooting.  There are numerous perspectives when looking at violence in schools and the contributing factors but is there an answer or a way to prevent another disaster like this from happening?  I don’t think there is.   How many times do kids who are angered say they want to kill someone?  Yet the following day they’re fine as if nothing happened.  What about people who pose with weapons or post ominous messages on their social media accounts?  If the police or F.B.I. were to investigate every one of these cases it not only would be futile many times there’s not enough hard evidence to prove somebody’s actually intent on harming others so it’s left alone.  Nobody knows what homicidal thoughts are racing through a person’s mind if they don’t say anything and many times if they do that person doesn’t take them seriously.  It’s easy to say afterward what could have or should have been done to prevent such a catastrophe but let’s face it if a person has a detailed plan of going on a murderous rampage and doesn’t say or do anything to anybody to cause alarm it’s not something that can be prevented.  Right now people will be talking about this most horrific of tragedies but as time goes by it will start to fade out of the spotlight just as all the other deadly shootings in the past have until another killing spree occurs.  But what can be done about it?  Again, it’s much easier said than done.       These past two days have been beyond emotionally draining for me which is why I’m going to watch The Goonies as a way...

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Abstinence Unattainable

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While I’m pleased that I was able to not only receive ashes but to also attend mass last night someone brought up a relevant point that I’d completely forgotten about.  Giving something up for Lent.  I’ve tried several times in the past to forgo eating chocolate, my absolute weakness but by the third or forth day my indulgence for cocoa entirely takes over my abstention and I feel consumed with guilt.  Same thing goes for Starbucks coffee.  Last year I tried telling myself I could go forty-six days (the actual amount of days which begin on Ash Wednesday and last until Holy Saturday including the 6 Sundays) without it but by the second week my intense craving for White Chocolate Mocha overpowered my fasting and there went my religious observance.   So this year I decided to not even try to forbear from something I really enjoy in terms of edible substances since no matter how hard I try I always end up losing my willpower thus feeling remorseful afterward.  No more!  As long as I adhere to not eating meat every Friday until Easter Sunday which I probably won’t anyway, attend church and don’t commit any mortal sins which I have no intention of doing then I think I’m OK.  At least I hope so.    Now that Lent is this particular of topics I question whether or not people who refrain from something they truly enjoy during Lent such as smoking or giving up sweets can really last the duration or give up after a certain amount of time due to extreme hankering of their weakness such as myself.  For some it’s easy to restrain themselves from what they take pleasure in be it drinking alcohol, watching television or even swearing and I commend them for that but for someone like me it’s almost impossible since I have an absolute sweet tooth which coincides with me drinking my coffee from Starbucks.  I know for a fact that many people who give up something for Lent won’t be able to follow through for the entire time due to their strong desire for what they’ve been depriving themselves of whether it’s food, nicotine, social media or a multitude of other things they have an extreme affinity for.  And if you really think about it what’s going to happen if someone can’t or doesn’t desist from something?  Are they going to be struck down as form of punishment?  Better yet what about those who do in fact give up what they really like?  Are good things going to come to them as a result?  Well, maybe but at least I feel a tad better now.   ...

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Ashes and Hearts

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        I can’t remember the last time Ash Wednesday was on Valentine’s Day.  Come to think of it I never realized they could both share the same day so I did a bit of research and found out the last time Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine’s Day was back in 1945.  Thankfully I overheard someone talking about it otherwise I would’ve completely forgotten about it being the first day of Lent, eaten some type of chicken since I’m not big on meat then felt guilt-ridden upon discovering what I’d done.  I’m so glad that the mass is in the evening so I’ll be able to attend it unlike the past several years due to my work schedule.   As for Valentine’s Day I savor chocolate but that’s the extent of it.  I’ve never been fond of flowers or roses and can’t think of a better way to celebrate the most lovey-dovey of holidays than to watch the most fitting of movies such as the 1981 slasher film My Bloody Valentine which pretty much sums up my viewpoint of  St. Valentine’s Day.  ...

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Wills and the Aftermath

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    This particular entry is one I’ve been wanting to post for a while now as it gives new meaning to the proverb “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” or in this case a way out for some.  It’s also something that’s gone on in families for years and will continue to indefinitely.  Anyone having gone through the formalities of a will, especially if it pertains to a substantial amount of money, property or other article of value can more than identify with what I’m about to write.  Many families, large or small are extremely tight-knit enjoying get-togethers as often as possible.  Of course not everyone agrees on everything particularly at holidays and when coupled with alcohol which happens quite frequently in families but nonetheless it’s still a time for people to all visit with each other.  While family gatherings can be a time of happiness, stories, laughter, numerous photos and of course food things can drastically change when a member possessing a vast financial portfolio passes away.  The smiles abruptly fade thus exhibiting peoples’ true colors as dark as can be.   Whether someone passes away from old age, a long-suffering illness, suddenly or any other unfortunate manner if they were well off in terms of resources just about everyone’s hands become outreached in wanting their share.  Of course there’s the heartache and tears, especially at the funeral, wake or other type of service held but once the procession is over and the grief has somewhat subsided the subject of the will arises as the tears quickly dry replaced with widened eyes and perked up ears at the thought of what relatives will soon be inheriting.   Whether family members attend the reading of the will or receive a copy in the mail often times when they learn what, how much or little they’ll be receiving as opposed to others emotions ranging from jealousy to pure rage are immediately incited.  Some feeling a sense of entitlement while others think certain people should never have been written in.  By the time the estate attorney or whoever else reading the will aloud or the person/persons reading it on paper is finished some are ecstatic over their newly acquired inheritance while others want to punch specific beneficiaries in their throat, throats or possibly commit some other bodily injury to them.  I’m sure they’ll also be cursing the testator due to their decision as to who gets what.     I can only imagine the expletives spoken/screamed by relatives who feel completely f*cked over once they get into their vehicles as they leave or have finished reading what they’ve just been left.  Forget the family functions as now emotions of bitterness, resentment and possibly hate run strong thus destroying any future plans of togetherness for years to come if not permanently.  Suddenly widows, siblings and every relative named or not named in the will feel they should have received more or at least something while at the same time they feel others shouldn’t have gotten anything.  Before long accusations begin, family members start dredging up things from the past while claiming to be perfect and before you know it that once close family is no more.  You now look at your family who, just weeks or even days earlier were as thick as thieves but now due to the death of a member who had a large amount of money, property, valuables and even insurance policies certain people aren’t speaking to one another while verbal as well as physical confrontations occur among others and in many cases family members contest...

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