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Conjuring of Spirits or Innocent Fun?

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                I’ve wanted to write on this particularly mysterious of topics for a while now and the time couldn’t be more perfect.  Ever since elementary school when a boy told me about Ouija boards along with the usual accompanied fabricated tales associated with them I’ve been beyond fascinated in every way.  The question I’ve always had along with countless others is whether or not they’re genuine or contrived by one’s own manifestation.  While talking boards have been around since the late 1840’s they didn’t become widely known until 1816 when reported by the New York Daily Tribune about a new talking board used in Ohio.  Once these talking boards became sought-after in 1890 Elijah Bond, Charles Kennard and William H.A. Maupin decided to turn the board into a toy and got it patented calling it a Ouija board.   Originally the Ouija board was referred to as a parlor game and had no connection to the occult until 1916 when American Spiritualist Pearl Curran claimed to have channeled a spirit named Patience Worth who she communicated with via Ouija board and wrote poems, short stories, novels and even plays for more than 20 years which were transcribed by Pearl Curran.  It’s unknown if there’s any validity to this as some believe her to be factual while others feel it was a public ploy to gain attention and fame which she more than did.   The purpose of Ouija boards is to ask it a question or to communicate with the spirit world.  Whether it’s a group of friends getting together for fun, someone attempting to contact a loved one, a person wanting to see what their future holds or a number of other questions people have Ouija boards are often a source for their answers and/or entertainment.  The problem is that people have different beliefs regarding it.  Some, including scientists think of it merely as a game whereas others such as Catholics and deeply religious people feel it’s evil and can bring about malevolent spirits.   For those unfamiliar with how Ouija, also referred to as a spirit or talking board works it’s a wooden board consisting of the alphabet, the numerals 1-0, several words along with various graphics and symbols.  It also contains a planchette which is French for “little plank” and looks like that of a pointer comprised of a clear teardrop or heart-shaped device fitted with a vertical pencil so it could write during séances and is supported on tiny felt shaped castors making it easy to glide across the board.  Ouija boards should be played with at least two people but never just one.  Honestly, who wants to play any type of game by themselves?  To begin, slowly move the planchette in circles to let the board warm up.  With the board directly in front of the players each person places their index and middle fingers firmly but without too much pressure on either side of the planchette resting on the “G” space which is in the middle of the board.  The ritual opens by someone asking a question such as “Is there anyone here who would like to make contact with us through the board?” or a number of others in order to gain a communication frequency.  But there are certain questions that should not be asked including any about God, mortality or to have any physical signs given which may result in the person or persons becoming so freaked out by the answer thus immediately jumping up and running away which in itself might put them in...

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You can’t get any better than to have a Friday the 13th unless of course it’s a Friday the 13th in October.  Call me corny but whenever the 13th falls on a Friday and a marathon of the classic movie starring a hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees is on I can’t help but watch each one.  Yet as predictable as movies and their sequels such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Child’s Play and countless other slasher films are the one I’ve found most intriguing from the very first time I saw it to each and every time I continue to is Children of the Corn.  A true double entendre as I’m corny for Children of the Corn.  Hehe.  But seriously I’m not sure as to why I’ve always found the movie so entertaining maybe because of the plot centering around all the children in town murdering every adult to make certain their corn harvest flourishes.  Every time I watch it I wish I were there among the other kids in the cornfield.  I can’t explain why I’ve always had an affinity for cornfields but it makes sense now more than ever why Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Ironically enough now that Halloween is near haunted corn mazes are a popular attraction which makes me wish I had one in my own backyard.  From ghouls and the criminally insane jumping out of nowhere many times with chainsaws or other objects intent on terrifying the hell out of people to scarecrows often with pumpkins for heads hanging on crosses.  What every child should witness before saying their prayers and going to sleep.     Many people are superstitious about Friday the 13th but not me.  Whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen regardless of the day and date but over the years due to the public’s interest in everything horror it’s just built up so if something goes wrong on that exact date it’s easy to say you have misfortune or bad karma on Friday the 13th yet if the exact same thing were to happen on any other day it most likely wouldn’t even be acknowledged.  Many people really believe it to be an unlucky day and won’t fly or take any kind of trips whatsoever, others refuse to get married instead opting for the following Friday and even some directors have refused to premiere their movies on Friday the 13th alternatively choosing the following day.  Whatever people want to believe is entirely up to them but as for me I welcome Friday the 13th and the fact that it’s in my favorite month only makes it more magical....

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Hooray for Horror!

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Now that my favorite month of the year has finally arrived I can begin looking at Halloween items as I’ve already got my fiber optic haunted house placed magically next to my television and luv it!  Stores had already begun displaying the coolest of Halloween items as early as a month ago but I refuse to even think about All Hallows’ Eve until the first day of October.  Now I welcome it in all its gory err, I mean glory.  I’ve also decided that with it being the most far-out of holidays my entries for the entire month of October will specifically pertain to that of the occult.    This; however, is where the confusion about myself comes into play.  While I’m an extremely introverted person I adore everything and anything about Halloween.  From scary to downright cheesy horror films and especially shows ranging from paranormal all the way to folklores and everything in between I can’t get enough of them.  Rather than attend a costume party with the loud noise of people and music I’ll watch movie after movie while in my jammies as I immerse myself inside each film to the point of pretending I’m right there with each character on the most terrifying of perils (though I wouldn’t mind being Wonder Woman for the day along with acquiring her superpowers).  Same thing goes for when certain television shows go in search of legends whether it be Bigfoot or anything else pertaining to the supernatural.  Every single time I watch a program about a person or persons investigating a specific location to determine whether or not it’s legitimately haunted while I always visualize myself with them on the phenomenal adventure reality immediately hits.  While I’m absorbing myself into these shows wishing I were actually there witnessing paranormal activity I’ll then ask myself whether or not I’d really be able to partake in the search of spirits or due to my trepidation be forced to watch it from the safety of my bedroom where I’m cozy and secure?  But the more I think about it if I were to go on a ghostly expedition it would have to be sometime in the morning or afternoon.  That way if I were to see an apparition it would be light, the door leading outside would remain open and I’d have my Nike Cross-Trainers on so I could run like hell only to look back when I’m in the car driving away.    This particular time of year is what everyone who revels in horror everything waits for.  From attending haunted attractions or going on haunted hayrides to just watching various shows on television pertaining to spooky paraphernalia.  Of the numerous programs which air on various hauntings whenever it has to do with lighthouses or ships I become totally enthralled with them.  Whether or not the tales attached to them are genuine or mere myths are uncertain but either way they’re interesting enough to keep viewers glued to their television screens from beginning to end especially me.  Despite my reservations about pursuing ghosts at night one thing I wouldn’t be opposed to doing is spending the night in a haunted lighthouse as I once saw a show about one in a New England town in which an innkeeper supposedly resided and there was actually a menacing shadow which hovered over one area of the room.  Then, sometime during the wee hours of the night while the two ghost hunters were sleeping an angry voice suddenly spoke which immediately woke the petrified men.  Needless to say neither of them went back to...

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Gratuity a Must

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This particular entry is one quite relevant especially in today’s times.  Jobs which include tipping can be quite lucrative for many but not all depending on one’s ability.  Whether someone works as a bartender, hairstylist, taxi driver or holds any other job in which tips are relied upon as their primary source of income if they go above and beyond in terms of performing a specific service then they deserved to be tipped based on it.  Whenever I go to a restaurant and the service is exceptional I tip well.  If, on the other hand, the server is less than adequate while I won’t tip the usual 20% I always leave them something but it will most definitely reflect the type of service for which I was given.     Now this is the part where I may or may not differ from others in terms of tipping.  When I order take-out and go pick it up or have it delivered I always leave a tip.  Whether I add it to my bill when I charge it, hand it to them or simply place money in their jar.  While the staff might not be waiting on tables they’re still taking the time to cook and/or box the food and get any extra items necessary to complete the order.  I can’t just go inside, swipe my credit card and leave the area for the tip blank.  My conscience won’t allow it.  Yet others don’t feel the need to tip for pick-up since they’re not being waited on such as in a restaurant to which my immediate response is balderdash!  If restaurant staff are either preparing food, delivering it or simply placing edibles in a to-go box then they should be rightfully tipped.  Even when I get Starbucks and either go inside or to the drive-thru I always give them at least a handful of change because of how hard they work.  I tried being a barista for about three days and by the end of the third day wanted to throw a cup of scalding coffee on customer after customer including all staff.  Needless to say I no longer make any type of beverages for people yet appreciate when others make them for me and express it by way of tipping.     Then there are those who not only tip poorly they don’t tip at all.  How could anyone do that?!?  Have the server politely take your order, bring any items you request, periodically check on your table and be as accommodating as possible only to be stiffed out of their more than deserving tip?  That’s beyond fu*ked up!!!!  These people depend not on their paychecks but rather their tips to pay their bills and other necessities and when patrons feel they’re not obligated to leave them one it’s morally wrong on countless levels.  Servers especially have keen recollections and remember people mainly those who totally screwed them over and you never know if a person /persons go into a restaurant and that same waiter or waitress who they’d previously cheated out of their tip happens to be their server that day or night which may result in them putting something extra special into the patron’s food.  Not saying it should happen but it does.  If a guy goes to a gentleman’s club and the stripper spinning round and round on the pole or whatever else she does is doing a great job then tip her well dammit!!!!! Maybe if these stingy bastards too cheap to tip people justly owed were to work their jobs one day their ignorant...

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Cashing In

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  In the wake of the two major hurricanes to hit the states most recently it’s both heartbreaking as well as devastating for those whose lives were not only lost but also whose homes were affected and while we’re still not out of harm’s way in terms of others which may hit the one question I have is out of the millions of dollars collected for relief efforts how much of it is actually going to the victims?  Remember Hurricane Katrina?  According to various news outlets more that $700 million of the approximate $4 billion raised which were allocated to victims to help strengthen their homes went missing.  Where did it go?  Did the money simply vanish or was it taken by people?  So who’s to say out of the millions which may soon become billions of dollars donated the same thing won’t happen?  Of course there are websites and other venues which claim to advise people on how to avoid scams in terms of what organizations are and are not legitimate but how can one tell if their donations are really going to help victims or merely boost degenerate’s bank accounts?      If you donate $25 to the disaster relief fund is the entire amount going to the people who’ve suffered the effects of either hurricane or is possibly $7.00 going towards them and the rest into someone’s pocket?  After all following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina it was discovered that fake charities were created in order to reap the rewards of the disaster.  In addition, some temporary workers for the American Red Cross were caught stealing funds.  Such sublime human beings.    It’s utterly deplorable that when something catastrophic occurs and good people want to help victims others have to ruin it with their greed and evil intentions.  This is one of the many reasons I’m so distrusting of others.  I can only imagine how many people have already begun making up lies from having contrived children so they can receive money to setting up fraudulent organizations filling their wallets and purses with enormous amounts of cash.    Then there’s the guilt.  You go to a store and as you’re paying the cashier asks if you’d like to donate a certain amount to the relief aid.  Some people may want to, others may not then someone such as myself might want to ask if the entire amount will be given to victims or simply a portion with the rest going into someone’s pocket.  As much as I’d like to I haven’t and actually donated several dollars but I still continue to ask myself how much money which continues to increase by the day is really going toward victims of both horrific tragedies and how much are others profiting from it immensely?   I just want to end this narrative by stating as I have in previous entries that karma does in fact exist.  I’ve had it happen to me which is why my slate is clean but as for the vultures who’ve exploited both calamities along with the ones who continue to do so they’ll get exactly what they deserve.  Maybe not now but eventually, most likely when they least expect it.  To quote Lirio from the Craft “Whatever you send out there you get back times three.”  Wise words to love by.  ...

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