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When Will They Learn?!?!?!?!

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Just when I thought a remake couldn’t get any possibly worse twenty-nine years after Adventures in Babysitting premiered Disney up and modified it by way of a made-for-television movie proving that films, especially from the 80’s are timeless and need to be left the hell alone.  Adventures in Babysitting is one of my all-time favorite films despite the echoed criticism it’s received over the years.  The storyline is unique as well as quite entertaining  which is why I never get tired of watching it.  Why then did reform it?   Initially I had zero interest in viewing the film but seeing that it was on several days ago I figured I’d watch it.  I also tried very hard not to be judgmental which, I must admit is rather difficult.  After it was over it further validated that revamped movies are never as good as their predecessors.  From the very beginning of the film so many things varied from the original such as the plot where the premise of the first movie was about a babysitter watching three kids but is forced to take them along with one of their friends into the city of Chicago to rescue her friend who’s run away resulting in a night of absolute yet amusing chaos whereas the T.V. movie is about not one but two babysitters watching a bunch of kids only to be forced to go get one of the kids who’s accidentally run away into the city alone. I realize many changes were made from the theatrical version to the television movie such as modernizing it so as not to be a carbon-copy from the first film but the differences from the number of kids being babysat to having another babysitter and more kids totaling seven kids running around the city in one harebrained situation after another was so ludicrous I found myself looking at my DVR’s clock in hopes for it to soon end.  Despite some of the similarities both movies shared such as the last name of the family being Anderson and some others I can’t and really don’t care to remember it was a complete waste of almost two hours.  Though I do actually like the cover of the new movie which is almost identical to the first.     Maybe if I had never seen the 1987 flick I would have been more open to this most recent one but instead all I did was compare everything from both movies which is why it was a big disappointment.  Now for people, especially kids who may have never seen the first movie they’ll probably enjoy it.  I will admit the one scene from the television movie which had both babysitters battling it out in a club was quite diverting as it mirrored the scene from the first film when all the kids walked out on stage at the blues club and Kris was forced to sing along with them in order to leave.  Other than that I have to give it a two thumbs down.     Also, in the original film when the kids got on the subway and were about to be in midst of a fight between two rival gangs the absolute best line not only in the movie but quite possible in any is “Don’t f*ck with the Lords of Hell!” followed by “Don’t f#ck with the babysitter!”  Take that Disney!  It also made me want to hop on a metro bound for Chicago that very instant.                 ...

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Air Conditioning, Really?

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Now that the summer heat has finally arrived I luv nothing more than to have my oscillating fan blow the coolest of air directly on me with the windows open yet practically everyone on my block has their air conditioning on.  Why?  After a wonky winter consisting of large amounts of snow the weather is once again hot which I’m reveling in and in my opinion people should be enjoying it by way of window, ceiling or any other type of fans available instead of cranking up their air conditioning.  Also loud sounding fans help to silence annoying noise outside such as lawnmowers, barking dogs and other sounds which no one likes to hear while trying to sleep.  Touche.     *  Speaking of fans is it an indication that something’s not right with my computer when it sounds like a tower fan keeps turning on and off each time I turn on my computer only for it to periodically shut down on me?...

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Home Renovation=Total Aggravation

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I’ve completely lost track of the times I’ve searched the channel guide only to find some do-it-yourself show about restoring homes, RV’s, boats and anything else that can demonstrate people’s remodeling skills.  I realize programs like this are extremely helpful for those who are interested in fixing up their own properties or to just get ideas on how to refurbish things but as many times as I’ve tried watching a single segment of any of these numerous sought-after shows on cable I can only watch it for a few minutes until I get so annoyed I’m forced to change the channel.     From the constant hammering to the destruction of walls, ripping out floors, fixtures and other necessary tasks followed by the installation of brand-new or slightly used items and everything else in between is just too much physical labor to endure watching.  It seems like now more than ever people are purchasing properties either for themselves, to rent out, as a fixer upper or for any other reason.  I know that the buying and selling of properties can be lucrative but at the same time extremely demanding from the extensive work to both the time and cost involved.  It’s also not a sure guarantee to make a profit though countless people do this for a living and are quite prosperous as a result.     The problem is that not everyone possesses the skills needed in order to succeed with buying and selling properties including myself.  The extent of my handiwork is using a battery powered drill correctly. Of the few times I’ve been able to watch these reality revamped shows and see all these dilapidated homes ready to fall apart at any second followed by all the painstaking work required I can actually feel my anxiety becoming heightened.  And I’m on the frickin’ couch!!!  I could never have the dexterity nor patience to get involved in such a time-consuming project regardless of how much money could be made.  I just can’t do it.  The closest I would come to remodeling a house would consist of me driving a bulldozer over the entire dwelling for a brand-new home to be reconstructed.  The newest phrase may be to flip homes but my suitable motto would be to “Flip this flippin’ house” and believe me it has nothing to do with making a profit.   I realize that many people purchase run-down houses for a good price then fix them up for themselves to live in but when I buy a home I don’t want to be Ms. Fix It.  No demolishing this or replacing that and a tool belt sure as hell won’t be any part of my ensemble.  I want all the amenities ready for me to be able to move right in.  Now all I need are several hundred thousand dollars for that home and I’m good to...

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Superbly Beneficial

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Of the countless beauty items both shelved and online I have to admit the two which really deserve recognition are dry shampoo and moisturizer applied to wet skin as both are innovative products. Let’s begin with the convenience dry shampoo has to offer.  One thing I really hate having to do is wash my hair.  From the entire process  of bending my head down deep into the sink since I rarely wash it in the shower to wetting then shampooing it twice followed by conditioning it or, depending on my mood using a leave-in conditioner I loathe it so much I’ve often found myself enraged and wish my hair could stay clean forever.  I simply despise washing my hair yet it has to be done.     Dry shampoo; however, has changed everything about the way I cleanse my hair.  While one’s hair and scalp doesn’t get nearly as clean as it does when washed with shampoo it’s a hell of a lot easier to simply spray the product all over my hair then run my fingers through it and be done as opposed to wetting and washing it.  I’ve lost track of the times I’ve literally had no stamina to wash me hair and instead just sprayed the fragrant potion all over my head for semi-clean, fresh hair.  Whoever designed this substance is a genius!   The second and equally effective product is moisturizer used on wet skin.  What a brilliant conception!!!  Unlike most body lotions or creams which are applied to dry skin this most recent of skincare gems works its magic on skin that’s still wet which actually absorbs better making it softer. Prior to this I’d use body oil on wet skin after showering but now can interchange both along with continuing to use various lotions which has given me more supple skin and a happier outlook on life.     Who knows?  I might just say “F*ck it!” and altogether stop washing my hair thus opting to use dry shampoo for the rest of my life.  On second thought, maybe...

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Grody to the Max Yet Hysterical Beyond Words

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Seeing that I’m 80sgirl4ever the title of this particular entry is not only totally 80’s esque it’s more than appropriate in regards to certain commercials airing on television as well as online. I’m sure by now most people have seen both or at least one of the commercials for V.I.Poo where the glammed up actress is attending a movie premiere followed by her entering the ladies room at which point she begins describing in detail how, prior to relieving oneself a person can plentifully spray the product directly into the toilet bowl to eliminate any stench thus releasing a delightful fragrance which, in my opinion is sickening yet hilarious.  From the picture of what she refers to as “Devil’s Doughnuts” inside the toilet bowl to the director going into the bathroom right after the actress leaves only to gesture his hand back and forth in order to get whiff of what scent was left behind while smiling is highly entertaining.  Pure Hollywood!  While the concept is so gross I’m quite certain the television advertisement continues to make people laugh including myself and further validates how toilet humor will always be funny.     Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better several weeks ago I was in the cleaning supply aisle of a grocery store and happened upon a small spray bottle with the words Unicorn Gold on it.  Apparently the company which makes it is called Squatty Potty which, along with the words before-you-squat spray are also written on the bottle.  The product Squatty Potty could be an entire blog by itself pertaining to its own purpose but this one is strictly for toilet spritzes.  Unicorn Gold is essentially the same things as V.I.Poo since, as with most products when one company creates something another one hurriedly markets a carbon copy in hopes of being as or more successful.  I don’t know which one launched first. Don’t care either but I do know that after I viewed their commercial on YouTube I won’t ever be able to look at a rainbow without thinking of the product. Unlike V.I.Poo which combines toilet humor with the pretentiousness of being a celebrity Unicorn Gold is set in a faraway magical kingdom while a handsome prince illustrates how the product works as several adorable animated unicorns begin releasing their multi-colored bodily functions in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of Unicorn Gold.  It’s cute yet crude at the same time.  Love it!!!!!  But it doesn’t end there as another scene shows a duchess sitting on the toilet or in this case her throne while explaining how Unicorn Gold has changed the way she now goes to the bathroom. While the names of each spray are quite comical my favorite is Fruity Booty.  I now wish I had my own pet unicorn.    Last but not least this product appropriately titled Poo-Pourri is my absolute favorite simply because their viral video titled How to Poop at a Party is side-splitting and vulgar as hell about a girl who’s having dinner with her boyfriend and his family yet desperately needs to use the bathroom located inside a telephone booth directly behind the table. The video offers three options as to what the girl should do from from using an aerosol after she’s done to going outside in the bushes or using P00-Pourri before she goes.  Their other commercials are equally comical as well as descriptive and it’s no wonder I’ve never seen them air on television and probably won’t.   Now I admit all three commercials are wildly entertaining and I can watch them...

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