Air Conditioning, Really?

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Now that the summer heat has finally arrived I luv nothing more than to have my oscillating fan blow the coolest of air directly on me with the windows open yet practically everyone on my block has their air conditioning on.  Why?  After a wonky winter consisting of large amounts of snow the weather is once again hot which I’m reveling in and in my opinion people should be enjoying it by way of window, ceiling or any other type of fans available instead of cranking up their air conditioning.  Also loud sounding fans help to silence annoying noise outside such as lawnmowers, barking dogs and other sounds which no one likes to hear while trying to sleep.  Touche.  


*  Speaking of fans is it an indication that something’s not right with my computer when it sounds like a tower fan keeps turning on and off each time I turn on my computer only for it to periodically shut down on me?  Hmmm.

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