Narrowly Averted Mishap

Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

I’ve heard many stories about people who’ve escaped tragic events due to divine intervention and thankfully I’ve been helped on more than one occasion.  Just today I was driving home from work when a deer darted in front of my car terrifying me because I was so thankful I didn’t hit it.  I immediately stopped and stared at the poor animal who was so scared and helpless just standing in somebody’s front yard.  Suddenly I saw another deer run from across the street towards the first one as I said a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi who is the patron saint for animals asking that He protect both deer and lead them safely back to the forest.  Still shaken up a bit because of what had just occurred I needed to make sure they weren’t still in the front yard so I drove up several houses then turned around all the while still praying and thankfully when I got to the yard where the two deer had been neither were there.  While my Friday was as tedious as could be due to the gloomy rain this most frightening of incidents made me realize someone up there is always looking down on us even if we don’t think He is.


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